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Harry Potter Actor Tom Felton clears up Rumors About Romance Speculations Between Himself And Emma Watson


While Emma Watson is presently speculated to be dating someone else, Harry Potter enthusiasts can’t quite tell if Emma Watson and Tom Felton are still dating. The couple first ignited relationship speculations while co-starring in the Harry Potter franchise, and conjecture has only grown since then as they have stayed quite close. Though Felton, 33, isn’t entirely rejecting the whispers of his romance. This is the story of the couple that played Draco Malfoy and Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter films, with Watson portraying Hermione Grainger. Tom Felton, who plays Harry Potter, has addressed rumors of a romance between him and Emma Watson. In the Harry Potter films, Felton played Draco Malfoy and Watson played Hermione Grainger. While the two have stayed friends since the end of the movie series in 2011, admirers have long suspected that they dated throughout that time.

Since the film sequence ended in 2011, fans have speculated that the two of a kind completed some of that time carbon-date. Felton was straight asked about the practicable romance by Entertainment Tonight. He acknowledges by enduring silence and raising his eyebrow. His silence reasoned, would say a lot. In the sense why they have been really close for a long time, they are something,” she says. She is one of my favorite people. I’m hoping she reciprocates the praise. The questioner reacted with excitement then give rise to highly-strung laughter from the performer, who cleared up the confusion. Watson told Seventeen in 2011, the year the final Harry Potter film was launched, that he had a fondness on Felton during filming the first two films, and that she was his first crush ever. “It was really flattering for a 12-year-old guy,” Felton told E! News months later “but it’s good that we’re so friendly since then and we can somewhat keep looking back and also have fun at it.”

“They are occasionally, if that construct makes any sense, as far as we have been very close for a long time,” he explained. “As far as the romantic part of it, I think that’s a Slytherin-Gryffindor thing rather than a Tom and Emma thing,” he continues. He is utterly enamored with her. To be a little bit of what we’ve all been a little bit, but to be the only girl.

Watson was reported to be going “all in” with her suspected boyfriend Leo Robinson, 31. Felton’s comments come amid claims that Watson is going “all in” with her suspected lover Leo Robinson, 31. Watson and Robinton were initially linked in October 2019 when they were seen kissing in London and have since been rumored to be dating. “Emma is absolutely smitten with Leo, and this is by far the happiest anyone has ever seen her in a relationship,” a source told Us Weekly on June 4. “They are inseparably linked in every aspect, and they spend all of their free time together. Watson takes out Leo Robinton, and not long ago hit out at media reports about her personal life. The tiny woman actor split a declaration on Twitter, she Writing: “ Dear Fans, Rumours about whether he busy or not.

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