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Tom Hanks: Here Is What He Has To Say To The Schools Of The U.S. About The Tulsa Race Massacre


About the Tulsa race massacre, Tom Hanks urges US schools to “teach the truth”.

The year 2021 marks 100 years, the massacre occurred. Tom Hanks had written an amazingly easy on the 100 anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre. During easy writing for the New York TIMES, Tom’s voice got emotional and he says American schools are not doing enough to educate students on the event.

Tom Hanks also shared about his school life, how they read. He said and in my schools and many other schools were never told about the massacre with American History classes. Instead, they read a topic such as how the Stamp Act of British helped make the Boston Tea Party. Even they also did not know what was this in his school days.

He wrote ” for all my studies, I never read a page of any school history book about how, in 1921, a mob of white people burned down a place called Blacked Wall street, killed as many as 300 of its Black citizens and displayed thousands of Blacked Americans who lived in Tulsa.

He also shares his experience. He told me my experience was common. As we know American history was generally and most of the parts were written by white people . . Most horror part of American history, which includes black American history was generally left. Until very recently, the entertainment industry, which helps shape what is the story and what is forgotten.

Hanks also proposes that the main reason for school that they ignored the massacre because it was very painful and horrible for the children to hear about. But it will also give lessons and two white children and after reading about these topics their perspective also gets changed.

He also wrote “Should our schools now teach the truth about Tulsa? Yes and they should stop the battle to whitewash curriculums to avoid discomfort for students”

As we know in American schools black people suffered a lot these days also so Tom Hanks suggests these TULSA events to teach students so young small white Americans change their mindset about Black American.

Last week in America, Joe Biden, us president visited the site of the massacre. He is the only sitting president of the US who visit the massacre site. He also gave a statement that is so heart-touching the statement ” For too long, the story of what happened here has been told in silence, surrounded by darkness. But because history is silent it does not mean that it does not take place as we know darkness hides much but not able to erase anything ”

Tulsa was home to the African American community. Business blooms along Greenwood Avene.  There was a terrible incident in Tulsa in a little over 12 hours, it was completely destroyed by White mobs. White people who took control of Greenhood with the intent to burn, loot and kill. This was the most horrible incident that took place in American history in the year 1921. So Tom Hanks wants that the US school should teach the truth about the Tulsa event.

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