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Former English Footballer David Beckham Now Owns An EV Car Venture


David Robert Joseph Beckham is an English professional footballer. He is not only a Soccer or fashion icon he also has a passion for the car. He has owned everything from a classic Aston Martin V8 Volante to a McLaren 720S. Because he is so much passionate about cars he just gradually increasing the auto industry. He said that “Lunaz serves the very best of British ingenuity in both technology and plan,” Beckham said. “I was attracted to the company for their work repairing some of the most magnificent classic cars through upcycling and electrification.

Lunaz is the best company that produced cars that are really awesome and luxurious. Everyone wants this type of car in their Garage. Lunaz Design’ will be the Lunaz we currently perceive, comforting, re-engineering, and transforming gorgeous models to operate from a triple-pin plug and battery-electric powertrains. Beckham now occupies ten percent of the UK electric car company Lunaz, which changes classic combustion cars into emissions-free EVs.

Lunaz is like represents the best British ingenuity in both technologies and design. He feels very special that he is a part of their growth. Lunaz who make their product best and also they supply the product for other company. Looking forward, Lunaz won’t only concentrate on electrifying classic cars as the organization wants to grow into the commercial market rising with heavy-duty vehicles including garbage trucks. As a component of this expansion, Lunaz Group is being restructured into three sub-brands.
He has the passion that he wants a collection of cars and now he has his own company that is remarkable. We also know that he was the highest-paid player in football all over the world. Passion is the biggest achievement for him like we are seeing because he works for his likeness things. He marrying a Spice Girl. Over the years there have been many, many memorable David Beckham moments. But here’s one for us petrolheads: old Golden Balls has whacked out his checkbook and splashed out on a 10 percent stake in Luxo electric start-up Luna.
David Beckham achieves so many things in their life and now he has to own a company now ten percent of the UK electric car company Lunaz. Which is a great thing.  David Lorenz and his team of world-class engineers are constructing something very special and I see ahead to moving part of their growth.
Since Lunaz began making its first cars in 2019 it has drawn a completely new creation to some of the most revered marques in past. They have been forced by the result electrification contributes to the key questions of loyalty, usability, and sustainability that encompass classic car purchase. This extension has stimulated own and hospitality buyers across the globe to rebalance their formations in response to developing pressure from administrators to limit the use of high-emissions vehicles in city centers. Now he is the owner of this company and he will see that how he make changes according he wants he has the license to change according to him.
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