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Dua Lipa Proves To Be A Versatile Artist By Turnig Into A Rodeo Clown In Her Latest Video “Love Again”


Dua Lipa turns into a rodeo clown for her latest video

Dupa lips latest video Love Again,” which the superstar just released has a lot of noise going around. Meanwhile, it is the latest single from the album ‘Future nostalgia’. This video is directed by Elderkin and we can see Lipa wearing rodeo gear, riding a mechanical bull, and is playing around with clown-faced cowboys. Love Again’ is the sixth single taken from her new album, which is her second album.

Her newest song is ‘Can They Hear Us?’, This song is regarded as a track written for the Gully soundtrack.

We also realize that the singer was busy for almost a year when she released a remix edition of ‘Future Nostalgia’. The guests present were Missy Elliot, Mark Ronson, and other famous personalities.

Three months ago she released three songs on a deluxe ‘Moonlight edition’ of ‘Future Nostalgia’ and in-process she also got two BRIT awards.

Last month the boss of Lipa’s record label confirmed that she is already thinking about her third album after a blockbusting second album.
This was done in an interview with Variety, in which the success of ‘Future nostalgia’ was discussed and plans were revealed. We will keep you updated if any further news is being shared around with us.

‘’Every time we think it’s down, another single pops off in another territory or on another platform’’ she mentioned in the interview. He also promised that the new record will be nothing like the old ones and revealed that it’s gonna be completely different. Later he also added that even though She is taking time to fully realize the album conceptually, but since she trusts herself and her belief in herself and she believes that she can manage something completely different.

This video is regarded as the best music video of the summer, a treat to watch in dim light.”Thank you to my gang for always pulling through!” her Instagram caption reads. Interestingly, she learned the core in just 45 minutes. “Outfit changes, venue changes were so tiring but we managed to do it properly “, she added. The video is totally based on a cowgirl theme and is absolutely eye-popping.

A part of the lyrics are given below, “I used to think that I was made out of stone / I used to spend so many nights on my own / I never knew I had it in me to dance anymore / But goddamn, you got me in love again.

The video starts with the traveling shinny cap towards her, she picks up the hat, and music starts.

In the second part of the video, we saw her on a moving black bull. In this video, she looks very cool and sexy.

Watch the video below:

She is a British singer and also a songwriter.  In the early days, she was worked as a model but after that, she got a contract with Warner Bros. She was born on 22 august 1995, in London. She is a pop singer.

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