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Ana Patricia Gámez: Read To Know How The TV Presenter Celebrated Her 7th Marriage Anniversary


Ana Patricia, the tv presenter celebrates her seventh wedding anniversary with Luis Carlos Martinez. Their marriage anniversary is this week. She had publicly revealed that the man is not only the father of her child, she regards him as a best friend and soul mate. La Mexicana wanted to celebrate this special date i.e their marriage anniversary with her followers and friends.

In these seven years of marriage like every other couple, they have seen so many ups and downs However, one of the most important moments or events that binds their family together was the birth of two little children. She said the birth of the child completed the family. From 2009 to 2013 she was married to Fernandinho Gonzalez but the marriage didn’t work out. Thus next year she was married to her current life partner.

The Mexican beauty queen was born in the year 1987. She participated in the Belleza beauty contest in her earlier days. She was just 18 years old then but still she represented the state of Sonora in the 2005 edition of that event. With brown hair and eyes, she is regarded as a Mexican queen. She was also the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina of the year 2010, while she can’t win in the year 2005.

She worked as an entertainment correspondent for the Univision Tv show. She was also a part of the tv show Univision on demand.

About her marriage, she was married in May 2014 but the next year was a turning point as in 2015 she welcomed a baby girl named Giulietta Martinez. Meanwhile, her previous husband Fernando Gonzalez, and she broke up mutually in 2013 after 4 years of marriage. Further, she found love in both of her Co-host Karla Martinez and now both are living happily.

She has a great love party,  every time she gets active on social media platforms generally we see her family photographs. This year she uploaded her memories and photographers, she wanted to share all these things with her supporters. They looked very cute family together.

She has beautiful eyes and hair and color. Both her eyes and hair are brown. She also has a very good height that is 5ft and 9 inches.

She also got many tiles like Nuestra Belleza, Sonora 2005, Latina 2010. She hosts many programs like Enamorandonos in 2019 September. She also belonged to Univision on-demand and MC2 models. She also represents through Latin marketing entertainment…

Last year in 2020 Ana Patrica celebrates Christmas very grandly. She follows her Mexican culture with her family. She also likes to decorate her house on her own.

In her statement, she explains ” we cannot celebrate Christmas without a variety of tamales, including meat, chicken and even sweet tamales that are even more delicious when you reheat them the next one’ From this statement we also that besides party she also a great love for food and her family.

Next month on 26 July her birthday is also coming, she probably celebrates her birthday, and probably she will upload family pictures for her supporters.

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