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Jodie Turner-Smith Could Be Playing This White Noise Role In Netflix Adaptation – Everything That You Should Know


Jodie Turner-Smith, an American actress and model, is popularly known for her work in The Last Ship, Nightflyers, Queen & Slim, and Without Remorse. Jodie Turner-Smith had first worked as a banker in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania until a mutual friend introduced her to musician Pharrell Williams who then convinced her to become a model and move to Los Angeles. With her modeling career moving swiftly in 2013, she made her acting debut as a siren in True Blood, which led to numerous minor roles in films and music videos between 2013 and 2017. She received her first major character by playing Sgt. Azima Kandie in the series called The Last Ship. which then followed with other major roles as Melantha Jhirl in the 2018 Syfy/Netflix series Nightflyers and was recently in the cast of Without Remorse.

Now the major news which has come in hot is that Jodie Turner-Smith is in the final negotiations to join the cast of White Noise which will be filmmaker Noah Baumbach’s next movie which will be premiered on Netflix and will be based on the novel by Don DeLillo. 

White Noise is a story that is based on the story of a person named Jack who is a professor and is a very unique and popular professor as he teaches Hitler studies at a liberal arts college in Middle America. He is soon faced with difficulties in life, I mean who doesn’t face a speed bump in their path of life everyone does so did he, thus as he tries to figure out how to overcome these difficulties and find a way through it alongside his fourth wife Babette and their kids that is the perfect time for the twist to come, which results in disrupting their lives in such a way that it forces them to face the threat of death. I feel that this will be one interesting movie to watch but for a movie to be a blockbuster hit and even catchy for the audience the cast has to also be a hit so who will Noah star in his new feature film is the main question now. 

Although according to the reports we do have two names which are Greta Gerwig and Adam Driver. They had joined the cast of White Noise earlier this year so till now it has been decided that the character of Jack will be played by Adam Driver and the Role of his fourth wife, Babette, will be acted by Greta Gerwig. Although we have no information about the role of Jodie Turner-Smith in the movie let us just hope for the best because she is a really good actor who is willing to give it her all like she did in Without Remorse as she was pregnant during the shoot which did add complexity in her role but still she gave it her best and that movie did become a blockbuster hit. So we need to just wait to receive some official news regarding her role in the movie.

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