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Wonder Woman Is Next In Line For A Reboot Following Superman After Wonder Woman 3


Everyone paying attention that what will be the next step from WB in regards to the future of  Zack Snyder’s involvement if there is any with the DC film universe. Insider and sources are reporting that some WB wants Zack Snyder to direct the upcoming Wonder Women 3. We have listened to so many rumors about that but now it confirms that change is the law of nature and they want to change something in this.

Just like we have seen that Wonder women 1984 didn’t collect more stares than Wonder women first part. Unfortunately, the aforementioned pic will remain the lowest-grossing installment in the DCEU for a long time to come after cutting out with a box office take of just over $166 million, but the conditions were much extenuating, to put it mildly.

There are so many rumors that after the failure of Justice League they wanted to reset their cinematic universe. But the rumors infer that DC, apparently unsatisfied with many phases of previous movies, assumed that the best way to save the DCEU was to have a fresh origin with its characters. The DC reboot rumors were augmented by changes that the studio is known to be made to parts currently in production.

DC wants to move forward with its existing heroes, however, this is clearly not the case with Wonder Woman 1984. First of all, if Wonder Woman 1984 was expected to stand aside from Wonder Woman, it wouldn’t include Steve Trevor, who was the film’s male actor and Diana’s love concern. At the end of the first film, Steve died sacrificing himself to save the world. The trailer shows that his coming is a miraculous event, and likely is a major plot point in the expected film.

Rather than moving on to a whole different chapter in Diana’s life, Wonder Woman 1984 is diving right back into one of the most powerful parts of the first film, which was the romance between Diana and Steve Trevor. But what happened in the next film it would be watching.

Making the Wonder Woman sequel a soft reboot wouldn’t have been too tough. Since it takes place in a totally different place and time, the only role that the movie wanted to keep was Wonder Woman herself. This way, DC could have put a story about Wonder Woman that didn’t connect to the previous film’s story. If DC really needed to press the “reset” button, this would have been the most reasonable plan of action.

It would be great to watch this movie because fans are waiting for a long time ago. Because of this epidemic its effect so much in releasing date but maybe it will release this year. Jenkins did caution, however, that the wait between Wonder Woman 1984 and Wonder Woman 3 will be longer than the wait between the first two movies. She essentially made both films back to back, carving out time to direct a couple of episodes of a limited series in between. Whatever Wonder Woman 3 ends up being, both for their sake and to ensure fans don’t get too sick of Diana Prince too quickly.

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