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Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone Are Going Tie The Knot As Wedding Bell Rings


Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s most well-known handsome bachelors. This is a piece of great news that Leonardo DiCaprio 46 is going to tie the knot with Camila Morrone. Leonardo DiCaprio poses on the red carpet on 9th February at 92nd Academy Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, the U.S during the Oscars arrivals. It has been heard that he is going to abandon his bachelor life and taking preparation to settle down with his girlfriend Camila Morrone. A source informed that he is so happy to pull the trigger and ask her lover to marry him. Within time the close persons of Leo got surprised and became excited by the news of hearing his wedding Bells. According to an insider told OK! That the pair secretly got married shortly just before the Oscar.  Currently, they were spotted together at the Italian Market in Boston.

So what is Camila Morrone saying?

Camila Morrone is an Argentine-American model and actress who made her acting debut in the yet-to-be-released James Franco film Bukowski. In an interview, Morrone said that she eagerly anticipated the proposal for a long time but she did not give any pressure on Leo. According to E! news DiCaprio is very comfortable and cheerful with his girlfriend and they both are serious in their relationship. Camila was only twelve years old when their love tale began ten years ago. Then they were family friends. One of  Leo’s childhood friends AI Pacino introduced them. They have been dated for three years. This lovely model, who is twenty years old, comes from a famous family. Lucila Solo, her mother, is an actress, and Maximo Morrone, her father, is a model.

After Morrone posted an image of herself wearing a bridal robe on Instagram, rumors began to circulate that the Titanic star had already proposed to her. Two years ago it was claimed by OK! That Leonardo would propose to Camila with the help of Brad Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are set to join the ranks of super celebrity happy couples, as the duo recently celebrated her 23rd birthday together. They also celebrated New Years Evening together and people will be amazed by their way of celebration. Many admirers believe DiCaprio has finally met his match after the two have been dating for more than two years. According to ET’s insider, the two are still going strong. In 2017 they were spotted together at first. The Basketball Diaries star is said to have already found the right diamond ring for a proposal in mid-June. This is not for the first time that DiCaprio turned into rumored to be tying the knot with the actress Morrone earlier than also having a baby with Camila. A source is saying that the pair will not be delayed for their engagement. Their marriage ceremony will be held in late fall or winter in DiCaprio’s home town California. Leo wants it to be the day of their dreams. The pair was struggling a lot over their long-distance relationship but finally, they have reunited quite frequently.

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