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Regina King Reacts To Rumors About Directing Superman Reboot And Related News


Regina Rene King is an American actress and director. And has been the recipient of several awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and four acting Primetime Emmy Awards, and Time magazine also named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019. Which is currently the most for an African-American performer. 

Regina King had first gained attention for her role as Brenda Jenkins in the television series 227 from 1985 to 1990 after which various roles had followed. Regina King then started with her directing career first by directing the episodes for several television shows, including Scandal in 2015 and 2016 and This Is Us in 2017. Until her recent debut film named One Night in Miami… which was released last year for which she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Director and a Director Guild of America Award for First Time Feature Film. But she was never quite up-to-date with the rumors going on around Hollywood.  

Until recently when she appeared on Tiffany Cross’ The Cross Connection show on MSNBC she learned the fact that there have been rumors going around that she, herself, and Barry Jenkins have been shortlisted to direct the new Superman movie. Which completely blew her mind as when Tiffany continued asking whether there was anything that Regina would like to share with the audience as she was trying to know whether the rumors were true or not and even resolve the mystery for the audience but Regina herself was shocked and said ‘Tiffany, that is news to me. You have broke the news to me. News break! Live on MSNBC! Yeah, no, I have not heard that until just now. Oh wow.’ 

So it is still unknown to us who will be directing the new Superman movie although Warner Bros had announced that they were committed to hiring a Black director for the film. But if it isn’t Regina then who is it? So apparently from sources till now, we all know that J.J. Abrams is producing the film and Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the screenplay and with the production team being committed to hiring a Black director for the brand new Superman film it is pretty much obvious that they will also feature a Black actor. But who exactly are they? 

Last we heard and according to our reports, there were a lot of rumors of Michael B. Jordan joining the cast of Superman and he himself will be featured as the Man of Steel. But during the promotion of his film Without Remorse in April, Jordan put an end to those rumors as he said ‘I’m flattered that people have me in that conversation. It’s definitely a compliment, but I’m just watching on this one.’ So pretty much we are back to square one and again being in the dark about the cast and director of this new Superman movie. But recent rumors say that as they look for potential directors they have Steven Caple Jr and Shaka King also in mind. But nothing is sure so all we have to do now is wait till we receive some official news from the production house.

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