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War Of The Worlds Season 2: Renewal Schedule And Release Date, Everything You Should Know


War of the Worlds is a television series produced by Fox Networks Group and StudioCanal-backed Urban Myth Films. The series is written by Howard Overman and directed by Gilles Coulier and Richard Clark. The series has a bit of similarity with an 1898 novel by H. G. Wells called The War of the Worlds which is about a Martian invasion. The first season premiered in France on October 28, 2019, which then gained a lot of popularity and left a huge impression on viewers after airing abroad on Fox in the US and UK last year. Thus the series has decided to be renewed for another season which will pick up from where the show’s dramatic finale. 

So before we go on about season 2 why don’t we look back at how exactly did the story proceed in season 1. So in season 1, we had our astronomer Catherine Durand who detected a transmission from another star which later led to the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms. But unfortunately, the scientists didn’t get time to do more research, and these unusual life forms as an alien spaceship had appeared over the Earth with a single motive in their mind which was to destroy our beautiful planet, at least that is what was depicted at the beginning of the season. 

We had witnessed a lot of action in season 1 of the War of the worlds especially when large meteors started to rain from the spaceship which wiped away the entire human population from the face of the earth, although there were a few survivors from the first wave of meteor rain who were hiding and sheltering themselves either underground, underwater, or within metal walls. With such an intense atmosphere and the survivors being on their toes, there was only a faint sign of hope when Emily, one of the few survivors, had found the breakthrough and found out how she might have some connection to these outer space invaders although there is always the possibility that behind these invaders is some human who is trying to take over the world and rule over it by being the sole survivor… that was one hell of twist as it was shown to us as they were aliens but where they actually alien? Or were they humans destroying other innocent humans? Now that’s a mystery yet to be resolved which will be seen in season 2 of the War of the Worlds. So when exactly is it coming out? That’s the main question now.

According to the reports, War of the Worlds Season 2 will premiere on 6th June 2021. It is going to be an eight-episode series that will be available to watch on Epix in the US, this channel is available with almost all the TV and Digital Provider, and you can also watch the episodes in the app. Not only that, you can watch War of the Worlds on Fox Network from 24th May 2021 as the show has already begun its premiere in Europe.  You can also use Apple TV, SBS OnDemand, and YouTube TV to see the latest season of World of the Wars. Lastly, it has already begun its premiere in its original language which is french. Which were already released on MyCanal in France on 17th May 2021. So dear readers, what are you waiting for to start your binge-watching? I am sure another adventurous and thriller season awaits you and this season will definitely leave you speechless as the answer to the questions will not be easy to handle.

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