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Destiny 2 Players Have Taken To The Game’s Forums To Point Out A Persisting Problem With The Super Golden Gun


Destiny 2’s Golden Gun Super attack currently has inconsistent damage output, meaning Guardians may not be able to confidently use it at long distances. All eyes are on Bungie’s forthcoming ‘distant future’ project for the studio, but long-lasting fans can rest assured that Destiny 2 will keep them entertained for at least a few more years. The Red War campaign has spanned the last three expansions, and Destiny 2 players are eager to know if a full sequel is in the works. One of the most active communities surrounding Destiny 2 is the one invested in its PvP gameplay.

“The Gun is one of Destiny 2’s most powerful weapons. However, it’s also one of the more complex tools in the game and the amount of power available to a player can appear overwhelming to new players. We know that what you’re asking for are simple fixes to a complicated problem–in other words, things that would make your lives as Gunslingers easier. And so we’ve gone back to our list of fixes and improvements targeted toward Gun-wielding Guardians and picked out the highest priority” Said the officials.

The Golden Gun is a formidable weapon. A charged-up shot will take out any target in one hit, but a Gunslinger must be ready for their Super to recharge so they can use it again. Once fully charged, the Golden Gun rapidly shoots a barrage of bullets at the cost of all remaining ammo and is capable of killing most low-level enemies with one hit. It does not have a very wide scatter, but its effectiveness decreases exponentially as the distance from the target increases.

The Golden Gun of the Upper Tree is a legendary weapon. Its one-hit kill and AoE damage make it extremely powerful for clearing waves of minions. While the gun’s graphic range has been cut by more than half according to players; it has not been nerfed. “We’ve identified an issue with Voidwalker Exotic Trace Rifle ammunition that only appears to occur on PC. We’re working on a fix for that, but in the interim here is an easy workaround if you have a PC copy of Destiny 2.” Said the officials.

While Golden Guns share the same behavior and perks as Exotic Weapons, they are not actually Exotic Weapons. Golden Guns are named after Exotic Weapons for lore purposes. Her Exotic Weapon, The Last Word was remembered from time immemorial as a weapon of legend. However, she was captured by Drifter agents while on an expedition, and her person was imprisoned in a stasis cell hidden somewhere in the system.

Currently, the Golden Gun’s range is shorter than what is required to deal full damage in a single shot. While we will work on a fix, using the Kill Shot to supplement this issue may be viable in the meantime. The Golden Gun seems to have been engineered solely to kill foes. With its considerable amount of power, it can kill enemies with a single shot. This is even more powerful when used in combination with the Celestial Nighthawk exotic. When it procs with Celestial Nighthawk, the Golden Gun is a deadly combination that will help you destroy any opposition.

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