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Wentworth Season 9: Release Schedule, Latest News


Wentworth is an Australian television drama series that was first broadcast on SoHo on 1 May 2013. We all could see similarities of Wentworth with the series named the Prisoner, which ran on the channel Network Ten from 1979 to 1986 so basically, it is a revised edition of the old series. 

Wentworth is developed by Lara Radulovich and David Hannam with the original concept from Reg Watson. The series is set in the modern-day and it spends its first season focused on Bea Smith who was newly imprisoned after attempting to attack her abusive spouse and it goes on to depict how she rose to the top of the prison’s hierarchy. It then eventually moves towards the other cast members in later seasons. 

Through all the eight seasons of Wentworth, both the audience and the actors have faced a crazy ride while watching and shooting the scenes and there is no doubt that they have kept the audience dangling on a thin string with a lot of questions in mind and have no answers to these unresolved mysteries. Well, then I bring in the good news Wentworth has decided on a blockbuster season 9. Now you all hold onto your horses while I tell you some of the important details you all should know. 

I know it has been very taxing for you all to wait from September 2020, when season 8 had first premiered, till date well with all the COVID-19 pandemic delays and everything Wentworth has completed with its production of the new season, and all it awaits now is a green signal from Netflix so they can drop in the bombshell. Thus don’t be disheartened but according to our reports, they will drop in this new season by the late summer so you all need to wait for a little bit longer. 

Well now, this is the interesting part… the spoilers. Well to begin with the worst part is that according to the reports season 9 is the very last season of Wentworth, now that’s a bummer, so it has been said that Wentworth Season 9 will most likely pick up from where Season 8 had left things. Thus you should expect a great many closures with plenty of dramatic twists and turns. So keep your popcorn handy. 

According to me, I feel the most crucial plotline will quite possibly be the one concerning Allie Novak and Season 8 newcomer, violent cyber-terrorist Judy Bryant. As in season 8, we all witnessed that while Judy was stealing Lou’s money and planning the assassination of the high-ranking United States official the season ends with Judy stabbing Allie in the shower, which was very heartbreaking. So with the main question of whether Allie survived or not in the minds of the audience, season 9 should be solving that mystery at first. So just to be safe keep a box of tissues ready too. Meanwhile, with Judy being the greatest trouble if anyone finds out the number of her misdeeds, now that will be surely interesting to watch and see who comes up to face her about all her misdoings. 

Another major plot point will likely be regarding the ultimate fate of Joan Ferguson. The Freak makes her big comeback in Season 8, and with the finale, it is very clear that her presence will be covering a huge part in Season 9, as well. So with so many unresolved mysteries and puzzles to solve, the final season of Wentworth is guaranteed to be eventful, filled with dramas and heartaches. So sit tight dear readers and fans of Wentworth as this new season will definitely leave our minds all boggled up.

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