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The Makers Of Cancelled Fallout Van Buren Project Will Make It As A New Mod For Fallout New Vegas


For a while, Van Buren was the informal nickname for Black Isle Studios’ sequel to Fallout 2. Fallout fans wrote tons of speculation about what it would be like and what it could include. The game never came out, but back in 2003, some of the ideas were used in another game; namely, the setting and backstory for Bethesda’s Fallout 3.Newly-found files in the latest patch appear to prove that Bethesda almost killed off Fallout 3’s possibility of survival. It is now being counted as a legend among fans, a potential golden opportunity no longer possible.

Some of the original developers of Van Buren have created a mod called Revelation Blues, which aims to bring back the original vision of the game in a post-apocalyptic Fallout setting.”In the near future, you can expect to see a huge variety of features being added to the mod. We plan to take advantage of every addition made by Bethesda themselves as well as to make use of a few surprises!” Said the officials.

Van Buren was the codename for an unmade Fallout 3 game by Black Isle Studios that never saw the light of day due to auction. It’s often thought to be the best of the Fallout series, and we aim to fill in some gaps by making a standalone mod. Because of this, the mod does not significantly add to that game. It does, however, enhance the game through both expanded content and a modified leveling system.

“The demo for Revelation Blues is a great place to start if you’re interested in the game. Download it and give it a try! The demo is only available at the moment at the page.” Officials confirmed and asked the gamers to give feedback regarding the game so that they can work on the bugs and other things.

The game was set around 2253 and saw the player taking control of a prisoner, fleeing from the scene of an unsuccessful prison break. Earlier action-adventure games by Looking Glass had featured a first-person perspective with 3D graphics, but Van Buren used an early version of a 3D engine specifically designed for the game. It’s the place you want to go to. It’s a certain place where you can expect the unexpected. It’s something exquisite and mysterious. The game is set in a world where there are amazing things and the gamer is in the future.

The main story thread deals with the player known as “the Prisoner” being sent to the region as a spy for the Brotherhood of Steel to investigate rumors of activity at Vault 22. Eventually, you learn that the Legion—a relatively new group led by the charismatic Caesar. “The mods we put out for the next couple of months will focus on adding new features, content, and overhauling the game. We plan to expand the events of F3 and want to provide a tool kit for others to continue developing the lore beyond what was done in New Vegas.” Added the officials.

Van Buren is a classic Fallout game that was never fully completed. Accompany new American settlers to the West as they embark on an epic journey of survival through one of the most expansive, open-world games ever built.

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