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Madonna’s Son Rocco Ritchie Sparks Reaction Wearing A Dress And Sunglasses In Must-See Video


Madonna is an American singer who is well-known throughout the world. Louise Ciccone is a famous American actress, singer, and composer. Born and reared in Michigan, in 1978 Madonna came to New York City to pursue a modern dance career. Madonna’s versatility is well known in the production of music, composition, visual presentation, and continuous reinvention of her. She’s also known for pushing the limits of artistic expression in mainstream music while maintaining complete control over her career. Her works, which address social, political, and religious concerns, have elicited admiration as well as criticism. Madonna is regularly credited as an inspiration to other musicians.

Madonna is the most-selling female musical artist of all time, with more than 300 million CDs sold around the world according to Guinness World Records. It is the leading singer in the history of Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. She is the leading female artist in Austria, Canada, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Madonna enjoys being a mother and while she mostly keeps her children out of focus, she sometimes gives a peep into social media about her family life. Over the weekend, the hitmacher from Vogue has shocked fans with a 15-year-old new video of her son, David. The fashion video appeared to be shot in the family’s home in Portugal, and David exuded confidence as he wandered around the property. “When I say it feels so free, you know what I mean!” The teenager told him that he was going into the kitchen towards the end of the video. The proud parent captioned the video, “Confidence is everything.”


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Fans reacted positively to the video, with one remarking, “Omg I love him, look out Naomi,” and another saying, “David is everything!” “This is just the greatest,” a third said. Madonna adopted David, as well as Mercy, Esther, and Stella, twins, from Malawi. Lourdes, her daughter with ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon, and Rocco, her son with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, are among the award-winning actress’s children. Madonna, who relocated her family to Portugal several years ago so that David may pursue his dream of being a professional footballer, previously revealed that the adolescent is the child that has the most resemblance to her.

During an interview with Vogue, she complimented the adolescent for his perseverance. She stated, ” What he possesses the most are focus and determination. He got that from me, I’m pretty sure. It’s the one with which I have the most. He appears to understand what I’m saying, and he has more of my DNA than any of my previous kids.” In addition to his home in Los Angeles, the star also owns properties in New York and Los Angeles.

The singer is also conscious that her children have a special relationship with her as a mother, but she is determined that they work equally as hard as she does. In an interview with Vogue, she remarked of Lola, who is following in her mother’s footsteps as a dancer: ” She’s wonderful at everything she does, and she has a lot more talent than I have. She’s a wonderful dancer, a terrific actor, and she plays the piano well. She, on the other hand, lacks the same motivation.”

“I feel like social media bugs her and makes her feel like people are going to offer me things because I’m her daughter,” the actress added. I try to offer her instances of other celebrities’ children, such as Zoe Kravitz, who had to struggle through the ‘Oh huh, you’re the daughter of…’ phase before being taken seriously for what you do. ” All you have to do now is keep moving forward.”

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