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Excite Your Weekend With A Taste Of Rocket Rumble’s Open Beta Of The Original Fun Online Game


Are you someone who loves small animated animals in the game, the high velocity that excites your spines? Then this fun game is for you.
The genre of the game is set to fall into the categories of action, casual, racing, sports, early access, and indie.

The developer pixelNAUTS games developed “Rocket Rumble”, coming in 2021.

The game comes with some (approximately 4) animated animals wearing rocket suits. Rocket suits here indicate its high speed. Gamers can customize their look according to them and can have a rocking time with their friends. Finishing lines in the game is something that naturally excites the gamer and keeps them engaged. Specifically in a race. The game offers exciting rewards for reaching earlier.

The game has a capacity for 2 to 4 players at a time. The atmosphere of the game has a science-fiction theme. The track is covered with obstacles that the gamers have to survive. The gamers get a variety of character customization with more than a thousand looks. You get a leaderboard with a lot of unlockable content and many more such exciting features.

The game is a perfect display of light-heartedness and causality. No more stressing your brains over blood-washed games. You can enjoy this game and lighten up your mood with family and friends
It is expected to go live from May 28 to May 30. In case you wish to participate join the Steam Page. The link is given below:


Several exciting features include
1.a new level called ‘Caustic Canyon’
2.Customization items that were earlier missing in the first beta.
3.A brand new scoring board is available
4.No words for sound quality, you should check out the trailer.
5.Playing with friends in the “Party Play” feature.
6.Play locally at home with 2-4 gamers.
7.Single-screen available

Something in here for the streamers. Spreading the game would give you several perks by making you the ambassador. Perks include premium keys, game codes for giveaways, social media coverage, and many more.

The game will also be available as a demo free of cost for those wishing to try and experience the features. Gamers get to smash their opponents into the obstacle, attack, and defend with exciting items in store. You get respawns at every checkpoint.

To stay in the lead, you get a lot of items to use. You can use ramps, boosters, bouncers and many more items yet to be revealed.

Let’s quickly cover the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS :
1.Windows 10
2.Intel Core 15 series
3.4 GB RAM
4.3GB storage space.

Visuals are said to be gorgeous, streamers are seen recommending the game by calling it an action/party racing game. They also reviewed the tracks calling it a blast through.
The game comes in 8 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish- Spain, Japanese, Russian, and last but not the least Simplified Chinese.

The final price is not yet confirmed. Though they commit to not raising the prices.

The developer plans to host voting events where players get to suggest features they wishing for. They will be sending out regular surveys to encourage the gamers to join the discord.

In a rating of 10, how much will you give to the “Rocket Rumble”. Drop in your views. We look forward to your views.

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