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Black Clover Chapter 294: Official Launch Date And Release Schedule; Latest News And Everything To Know


Black Clover Chapter 294:

The new chapter is allegedly titled “As Promised”. We all know that this is an extraordinary series that is really amazing and so much popular. That’s why 15 million copies sell and 12 million only in Japan and the rest outside Japan. A huge number of people want to read and watch this series. Black Clover 294 will release on 30th May 2021, So fans are so excited to hear this news.

Asta happy to see  Magna who defeats the Dark Triad member Dante in “Black Clover” Chapter 294. She is happy with Magna’s victory. Dante, who is the most powerful leader of the Dark Triad, is the strongest character and antagonist in Black Clover so far. He is placid and collected but has an indifferent mind. He believes malice is what makes humans supreme. He has power that can change his body tissue allowing him to heal or repair his body even if it’s torn apart.

Magna is a man with a lean build and two different colored hair, a light grey hair at the top, black hair at the sides. Magna sports a white shirt covered by a navy leather jacket and navy trousers. In addition, his jacket covers half of his torso. As a member of the Black Bull squad, Magna also wears their signature black squad robe. Magna has a huge sense of loyalty, especially towards his captain. He is also very blunt and able to pick a fight with anyone, including his squadmates if any of them gets on his bad side.

In a world where all people have magic power but Asta has no power. Asta, a young boy seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. He learning things by making himself physically strong. Be it his misfortune or luck; he’s able to control Anti Magic without suffering since he has no magic power. However, he has not mastered his devil’s full potential.

“Black Clover” Chapter 294 also explores other fighters who are battling against the other Dark Triad members. Vanica takes control over Lolopechka. She is a member of the dark triad with her “blood magic”. she can create giant monsters made out of the blood. She has different magic also “Curse-Warding Magic” enables her to place different curses on people, slowly killing them or even resurrecting them. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Rill struggle to take on Vanica and her new puppet.

Magne will tell everyone how to take revenge on Dante and also Magna tells him he is the gustiest of all the Black Bull members and will not lose against Dante. Devils are pouring out one by one from the room where Morris is Dante didn’t die. When Asta & the rest move on to the next room, Dante revives/comes back in an “ugly form”, Jack turns back and says “not to spoil their victory” and then delivers the final blow to Dante. RIP. Charlotte & Rill struggle against Vanica & Loropechika. Now it would be interesting to see that how they all are deal with the problems, this chapter would be available on Sunday.

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