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When Is Godzilla Sigular Point Releasing on NETFLIX? Read To Know


Netflix brings in a brand new anime series so anime lovers get all geared up because I am sure that while watching it will be one crazy ride. Godzilla Singular Point is another brand new Japanese anime television series that is co-produced by the animation studios Bones and Orange and has been licensed by Netflix and directed by none other than Atsushi Takahashi written and edited by Toh Enjoe, and features the character designs from Kazue Kato. It made its debut on Netflix Japan on March 25, 2021, and had premiered first on television on April 1, 2021, and now Netflix has set its international release for June 24, 2021. The name seems so catchy and interesting so why don’t we even have a look at what this new anime series is all about?

The setting for this series is in the Nigashio City, Chiba Prefecture in the year 2030 where there is an engineer named Yun Arikawa who works in the local do-it-all shop called Otaki Factory who has a sudden urge to investigate the happenings inside this tall Western-style house which was thought to be vacant but it wasn’t. Whereas another character named Mei Kamino who is a graduate student studying imaginary creatures is busy investigating the mysterious signals she received from Misakioku, which apparently was the former Tsuguno district’s administrative building. These two strangers who are visiting two completely different places are investigating two completely different things but both hear the same melody which as a result unites them, are then unexpectedly led into a battle which they hadn’t even thought of in their wildest dreams as it involves rescuing the whole world. How will they do so? What genius ideas will they develop and how will they win the battle? Lots of questions but we have to wait till the 24th of June to find out more about Godzilla singular point as it premieres but as of then all we can do is sit back and relax.

I think that this mixture of anime with Godzilla is going to be very interesting and fun to watch as after all the villain as it can be assumed from the name is Godzilla most of our favorite movie series it is like we all grew up watching those movies and not only that but this is like the first-ever television series starring Godzilla as the villain. Although in 1978, Hanna-Barbera had made a Godzilla cartoon that had lasted for two seasons that show was not as much of a hit as the American Godzilla cartoon and movies. So I am pretty much excited to watch this collaboration between anime and Gozilla. And these days Netflix has been bringing out one after the other hit anime series as there were already three Godzilla anime movies that came out earlier this year and the animation they had provided was mind-blowing. We can even see in the trailer of Godzilla singular point that they have provided an awesome animation that is very vivid and it feels as if it is real and in live-action in front of us. So till now according to the reports it has had amazing feedback and it has been looking pretty good till now.

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