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Twitter Itself Trending As Twitter Blue Is Launched – Read To Know All Features And Pricing For The Service


Putting a full stop to all the rumored reports circulating, Twitter officially confirmed its new policy. They named it “TWITTER BLUE” while confirming the lowest price base to be between 200 to 300 bucks in India.

Jane Manchun Wong became the first ‘Twitter blue’ user by twitting the perks of blue twitter in a set of collaged screen snaps. Based on her tweet several new features came into the picture for the twitter audiences to look at. Read onto see a detailed understanding of the features.

1.Based on the screen snaps, we see a new upcoming feature like “Reader Mode” which would help in keeping up with the threads by turning them into easy to read text.

2.The policy of renewing the subscription says; cancel at any time via settings at least a day before the renewal date, else it will renew on its own.

3.The user has access to change its theme color. Colors which can be used are blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, and green. Blue is the traditional one.

4.The user also has access to change its app icon color.

5.The centerpiece is the feature to undo a tweet, earlier the users had to edit for making the changes, now they have this user-friendly option.

6.The feature of bookmarked tweets just got improved with the “Collection” feature.

Twitter very clearly strategized its move on a paid subscription. The market was flooded with the alleged new upcoming features, which held onto its users before launching this massive change.

Though the latest subscription does not offer much it is speculated that the higher purchase rate subscribers might get access to more useful features which may happen anytime soon.
There is good news for Twitter creators as Twitter has something to offer. They will be launching a feature called “tip jar” which will allow the creators to get paid by their followers. This feature has already been activated for some regions, for a particular set of people which include journalists, experts, and nonprofits. Soon, many profiles will get access to it.

Twitter has also announced a new feature called “super follows” which will allow the creators to charge their followers for premium content, very similar to YouTube’s feature where the YouTubers give paid membership to its followers.

As of now ‘Twitter blue’ is the only paid subscription available. Most of the features launched by Twitter in this paid subscription are not so unique and perhaps seem childish. It has made the audience rethink before purchasing twitter’s subscription. It may sound useful for the users, but in practicality, this might be twitter’s new source of revenue generator and nothing else. Though twitter enjoys a great share of popularity in the market, it often fails to increase its income rates.

India is yet to see this launch, the United States is the first one to receive these services.

I am sure we all have the same questions in our heads. The first one being will the Indian audience accept such features? drop in your views on such paid subscriptions.

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