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Far Cry 6 Preview Of The Game Started The Week With A Bang, Revolution Against Castillo


The not unknown video game developer and creator “Ubisoft” launched its trailer which is considered as the preview of its upcoming FPS game ‘Far Cry 6’. October 7 2021 is the planned date for streaming it live on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox series X|S, and obviously PC.

The trailer of the original Ubisoft game looks not less than a movie trailer. The gamers get a humor relief in the trailer by Castillo tricking Dani into by making her whistle. We also see Castillo talking about the blood-thirsty jungles to the postcard shorelines. The dead-end towns and the very new Capital City. Castillo talks about the old rules in newer words which are giving so many exciting and motivating vibes to the gamers.

He talks about the “Resolver” which is making use of whatever they have in tough situations. Gadgets like Sardine Cans, batteries, old motorcycle engines, or some deadly weapons, the “supremo” backpacks. He names the enemy as “tyrants”. Who do you think are the “tyrants”? Drop in your side and let the real game begin.

The expected dictator Giancarlo Esposito’s and Dani Rojas, the military dropout whom the player’s control got a detailed description of their roles. Though we see a female Dani in the trailer, players get to choose the gender in the game.

In the character trailer of Dani, the introduction of Dani looks very empowering where she is seen as an orphan. They called themselves ‘Yarans’ who possess long memories of how the so-called civilized nations and their leader Castillo treated them when they needed them the most. The counted number of troops against them is expected to be 3 lakhs. The motive of revenge for the family is highlighted. The revolution is called the ‘Guerilla Movement’. The target is to hurl the army of Castillo’s soldiers down to the ground.

Unlike the previous time, Ubisoft avoided a real-life location and came up with a new fictional place for the gamers called Yara in place of Cuba. A lot of similarities can be seen between the two places. From the very typical car to the infrastructure of the place is the same. Players now have access to horses which they can take around. If we see the trailer of the game we see how beautiful and exciting the game area looks, raising expectations in the hearts of the player.

The path of the game is expected to follow its previous map, giving more locales and bases for the players to hide. The process of becoming slow and cautious while sensing the enemy remains the same for the players. Can we call this game a replica of “Far Cry 5” as we don’t see great additions in the game? Adding to the similarities we see the feature of recruitment of the companies to be the same. No matter how many similarities can be seen the game is set to rock as it is very clearly pictured in the trailer. The trailer is made in such a way that even a non-gamer would want to play it, indeed the hallmark of Ubisoft.

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