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Ed Sheeran Talks About New Song “Really Different” And Singing For The First Time With A Band


Ed Sheeran’s “really different” is ready to release at Radio’s 1 Big Weekend Show. Sheeran said that his first single was seemed to be played at One Big Weekend. He stated that it was felt a bit weird to perform without any new material “starting [the gig] with Castle On The Hill’
Ed Sheeran widely known as a singer and a songwriter is recorded his third song “divide” which was published four years ago. He performed all stage, he gives performance Suffolk annual festival.

He has delivered the goods like Santa Claus after recording his brand new song Afterglow just a few months earlier in December 2020. Sheeran told fans in February that returns with his fourth album at some point “later this year”. Sheeran gave some hints for what next ere might look like. Few were changing in the music part, Sheeran also has been making “ a lot of songs” to release in his upcoming album.
Sheeran was always scared since he didn’t know how it was possible, and he enjoys these sentiments. He likes the idea of putting something out and being like it. He said that he did not know how people are feeling when listing to this song.

The 30-year-old guitarist has always used a loop pedal on stage but he said he thought he needed a whole band for a bigger concert.
“Fifteen years ago I was utilizing loop pedals and wanted to try something new.” Some of the songs that deserved a band were the weakest parts of the tour, in my opinion.” The singer-songwriter, whose third album, “Divide,” was released in 2017, presented a unique performance on the banks of the River Alde in Suffolk as part of a virtual version of the station’s annual festival.

The shape of You famous singer Sheeran informed that his fourth album was going to be released “later this year,” after releasing the single “Afterglow” in December 2020. Sheeran told Jordan North(well known for English DJ ) of Radio 1 ahead of his Big Weekend program, It was his first single which was supposed to be ready for now, and he assumed to be playing it at One Big Weekend. He explained his experiences for the first time that it felt “a little strange and anomalous to be performed without any new material and that “beginning [the gig] with ‘Castle On The Hill’ instead of the new track” feels “a little weird.

The guitarist claimed he had been using loop pedals for 15 years and was ready to branch out. Sheeran remarked that. Some of his songs in which he felt needed a band was the weakest parts of the tour, In terms of new music, Sheeran said he has been writing “a lot of songs” and that his next album will be “an amalgamation” of his previous releases: “The first single is completely unique – like, completely unique.
“I’ve always been nervous about releasing an album’s first single because I have no idea how it will turn out – and I appreciate that feeling. “I’m not sure how people are going to react to this,” I like to remark when I put something out there.
“I was supposed to play the single today,” he explained, “but the video needs a lot of pre-production.”
The full interview with “Castle On The Hill” performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2021 may be viewed above.
Meanwhile, Sheeran claimed that Richard Curtis yesterday was selected as “third choice,” behind Harry Styles and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

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