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Epic Games Has Good News For Gamers; Get Their Flasghip Game, ‘Among Us’ For Free!


Epic Games is giving away another free game to be featured in the store. The Epic Games Store has been incredibly successful in offering big titles for a low cost. Epic stood out, even more, when it promised a game bundle. That’s some big news. Epic Games has announced the next free game that it will be offering to users of its game store, the Epic Games Launcher. The new free title is Among Us.  It is one of the most popular games in recent times and has gained a lot of success.

Going forward, Epic Games Store games will be steadily introduced to Steam via a new program which is described as “Mystery Game”. In other words, where you may not have access to these games today, in the near future, it’s likely that a number of top-tier publishers and developers will have them on Steam. Moreover, the next acclaimed game is coming to Epic Games Store and that means more exclusive games for Epic users.

This tweet has gained a lot of likes, comments and has been shared by many users numerous times. The gamers can feel the happiness and excitement as they will get the most famous game for free until 3 June.

If you’re looking for a completely unique experience from anything else on the App Store, look no further than Among Us. With well over a million sold units already, you’re sure to get hours and hours of fun as you help guide two unlikely heroes on their quest to bring magic back to their home realm.

Among Us is as fun to play with your kids as it is with your friends. It’s a family game that you could all enjoy together. What’s better than a game about powerful gods that you can play with your buds? A free game about powerful gods that you can play with your buds!

“We’re pleased to announce that our new game, Among Us – a multiplayer shoot ‘em up which supports up to 12 players will be available for free on our store till June 3. To enter, visit Epic Games Store and enter your email address”. Said the officials in a press. Among us official Twitter account even shared the tweet of Epic Games.

Obviously, all those free games are awesome, but this “new” Epic Store is more than just a store. They have a huge slate of curated content planned for you to discover new titles. This post is sponsored by the game, For Among Us. If you’ve never heard of it, the game has become incredibly popular over the past few weeks. There are many cool and exciting things going on in the next few months for the game.

InnerSloth is working on a brighter and more colorful visual language. For now, they’re sharing the colors with the design community through their daily newsletter, In the Among Us. It’s free to subscribe. They are constantly innovating and thinking about how to make your experience better. The free game will surely be the one to experience and don’t forget to give your views about the game here. Stay tuned for more updates.

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