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Cyberpunk 2077: The Highly Anticipated Role-Playing Game From CD Projekt Red, Has A New Director


CD Projekt Red announced today that it has hired Gabriel Amatangelo, a game industry veteran who previously worked as the Lead Designer and Game Director at CD Projekt’s Wrocław studio, to take over as Game Director for Cyberpunk 2077.21 years after the original publisher, CD Projekt Red will be the new game director for Cyberpunk 2077. New Cyberpunk 2077 details have been revealed in a GamesIndustry report, which states that the game will feature more complex mechanics and tactics than the original. Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the works for years, but now it has a new lead.

Cyberpunk 2077 director Michał Żuławski has announced he has left the game due to health concerns. They reported that his role as creative director is now filled by Gabriel Amatangelo, who joined the studio in January 2020 as a creative director. Amatangelo has worked as a senior producer and director at CD Projekt Red for 13 years, helping lead projects such as The Witcher series. He’s now the new SVP of development. A new studio head has been appointed at The Witcher developer, CD Projekt Red–a man who brings experience from other leading RPG series. Amatangelo, who has been working on the company’s operations team, will move up to the leadership role.

“There will be plenty of improvements to make to Cyberpunk 2077, including re-balancing the game. The open-world RPG’s combat was significantly altered by patch 1.1.0 in April, which heavily reduced the damage output of skills and adjusted how certain talents functioned. Other areas like the UI, menu system, and the settings menu have yet to receive any sort of clean-up.” The new director said in an interview after just getting appointed. The Bread of Amatangelo will be filled with the finest ingredients only. The new director has a lot of work to do and everyone is hoping that the changes that are coming, should be good for gamers.

After the launch of the game, it took a step back to fix bugs and make changes based on player feedback. That said, all original DLC planned for this year will still happen. To ensure the best possible player experience, the team has decided to delay future DLC updates to focus on core gameplay fixes.

Before his role at CD Projekt, he worked on the Dragon Age series. He was the design director for both Trespasser and Jaws of Hakkon. He has one of the most creative minds in this business and is looking forward to creating a positive impact on the game and gameplay.

He earlier worked in Star Wars and gave many positive things to them. His role was to help create the overall game vision of Star Wars. He started out making maps and models for Ultima Online, and now he is working on the next big Star Wars MMO from Bioware. He also helped create the level 50 flashpoint Battle of Rishi, as well as planetary conquests in Star Wars. He has done many big projects and now he is linked with CyberPunk 2077. It looks like this game will be also touching new heights and will surely be a huge hit.

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