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Modding Support Coming To Deep Rock Galactic By The Team At Ghost Ship Games And Fans Are Excited


Inspired by early run and gun games as well as more modern takes on the genre, Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter that brings back some of the classic gameplay fans have been craving. “We’re building a system that allows modders to create content for our game, including enemies, weapons, classes, and tools.” Said the officials. The first-ever co-op/competitive mining shooter, Deep Rock Galactic is blasting out of the blocks to provide players with deep, customizable gameplay experiences.

The new additions allow users to by pass some pre-made levels and dive right into the depths of space. Deep Rock Galactic is available for PC and Xbox One at launch.”We’re thrilled to provide fans of the Early Access games another way to dive deep into their universe and engage directly with a community, and to give new players a chance to experience these worlds before they leave Early Access.” Added the officials in the statement.

“While we had hoped to have this feature ready for this update, it proved too time-consuming and must be pushed back until Update 35. Update 35 will also include a number of other quality of life improvements we’re excited to share with you.” Officials when asked about the new updates.

The studio has a long history of focusing on the modding community with its games and understands that this is an important initiative for the fans and backers, so it is devoting valuable resources to making this a reality.Ghost Ship said it’ll use Mod.io, a relatively newer modding platform, according to a statement released on the game’s official site.

Mod.io is a software development company that can’t wait to help developers and publishers alike embrace the creative freedom that modding offers.Overall, Ghost Ship has chosen Mod.io as its modding platform of choice and we are proud to announce that we are not releasing any more information on this subject until Deep Rock Galactic is released to the general public in early 2018.

However, with the recent launch of Ghost Ship Games’ servers, it seems the community is still split regarding the game saves and playing experience.Ghost Ship Games has stated that If you wish to keep your progress from the current version, you can. To do this, you must backup your save file before updating. This is a precautionary measure to ensure your up to date data is still present and recoverable in case of a patching issue where you would want to revert back to an earlier state.

“There are still millions of mods that our users have not found and shared, but we’re working to change that. With our mod marketplace, you can find the exact mods you need to take your game from good to great.” Said the officials in a press.

The team has confirmed that most current mods will likely fall into the “approved for progression” category, which should be a hint for players to not worry.Available on PC and Xbox One, Deep Rock Galactic is a first-person co-op shooter that pits teams of space dwarves against hordes of space demons.

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