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Love Is In The Air: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez; A Fairy Tale Of Reunion


Rumors are spreading that the actor Ben Affleck and the singer Jennifer Lopez are catnip for romantic. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were noticed collectively again! This time, the 2 had been photographed stepping out of a Miami home with Jennifer flashing a smile, and Ben was at just a few steps behind. In some other shot, Ben was outdoor at the balcony taking a smoke wreck even as J.Lo is partly visible inner sporting a blue dress. The most recent clue that loves is in the air for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that the photo published this week earlier that Affleck was entering the gym wearing a unique watch that was recognized as the timepiece was gifted to him by Lopez at the time of their start running of romances and was worn by him in his cameo role in the video Jenny from the Block which became popular in 2002. The distinctive bracelet was made with silver, Cuban-link creation, and most probably made with Chrome Hearts which was so easy to spot as a chunky, LA-based jewelry company is long time famous among collectors for seeking to add a rock and roll edge to their watches and this fashion become the trend among the Rolex and Panerai owners. The company started its business in 1998. However, the watch signifies tough, runs a lot deeper and the history of this brand is in a parallel way to both of its founder and the second coming of Bennifer. When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted that they were spending time together in Miami’s home their picture gets start circulating on Sunday. A Twitter user (@jloaffleck) noticed that Ben Affleck aged 48 years arrived wearing this silver chain link watch and he often wore the watch when the pair started dating together 20 years ago. Their story of reunion delivers the internet meltdown.

In 2003 while sitting in the courtside with Lopez at a Lakers Affleck was also spotted wearing the piece. In 2000s fashion, he paired this silver chain link watch with a graphic tee over a long sleeve green t-shirt and khaki pantsuits.TMZ (the gossip site ) said this February that they were emailing each other when Lopez was busy filming in the Dominican Republic.

From a source, it has been known that the singer spent time with Ben and kept to be touched every day in their Montana tour when they were in L.A. The source added the actress is doing well and she looks to be very happy and excited about her future. Lopez and Affleck became one of Hollywood’s hottest power couple. In 2002, they married and co-starred in the films Jersey Girl and Gigli. They called off their wedding in 2003, just minutes before they were to go down the aisle, and divorced in January 2004. Another side A-Rod is not happy with the news of their reunion. He is completely shocked that Lopex moved on. Apart from rumors Brad and Jen Tom and Nicole, Chris and Gwynnie were seen to hang out together and these are going to satisfy our nostalgia than for the sakes of the power couples.

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