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Lorde Has Announced Another Album – Here Is Everything We Know About It.


2020 has been a year that has sucked for all of us. Sitting in our homes locked up having absolutely nothing to do, nothing to watch, nowhere to go it had driven us all crazy but the only thing which prevented us from going insane was music. Music soothes the soul and helps you vibe in a manner nothing else can. We have witnessed some hit songs from Taylor Swift, Drake, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and many more artists but isn’t someone missing? Yep, that’s right my dear readers, one of our favorite female pop artists is missing and we all know it is none other than Miss Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor also known as Lorde. 

She is a New Zealand singer-songwriter who is popularly known for her usage of unconventional musical styles and introspective songwriting. Lorde’s music is primarily electropop and contains elements of subgenres such as dream pop and indie-electro. She was born in Auckland and raised in neighboring Devonport. 

She released her first debut studio album called Pure Heroine that was released in September 2013. Then the following year, Lorde curated the soundtrack for the 2014 film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and recorded several tracks, including the single “Yellow Flicker Beat”. Her second studio album Melodrama which was released in 2017 had debuted atop the US Billboard 200. And since then for all these years, all her fans have been eagerly waiting for the third album.

So dear readers and fans of Lorde I come bearing the good news that as Lorde has confirmed her slot at Primavera 2022 thus a new album seems to be just above the horizon. Although the release date of the album is not confirmed as Lorde has been confirmed as the headline at Primavera 2022 so you all can expect the new album to pop in by the June of the upcoming year. 

Well, we do know that she was back ‘in the oven’ in December 2019 just to get busy with work…. but she may have been working on this new album for more than that but then with the loss of ‘her boy’ Pearl, she took some time out for herself to grieve over that and then was soon back to work as stated by Lorde herself that ‘to my surprise, good things came out, happy, playful things. I felt my melodic muscles flexing and strengthening.’ which was a huge relief for her fans as they knew that she was doing alright. 

This definitely calls for a party as our favorite Lorde has at last risen from her hibernation mode and will soon return with another hot hit. As we know that Lorde likes for the whole universe to know what exactly she is working on so according to the reports we know that the inspiration for the name of the song has come from her trip to Antarctica in 2019 and as stated above the nature of her music will most likely be something happy and playful. She has even stated that she thinks the album ‘is so f*cking good’. 

Now, this definitely increases the adrenaline rush within your bodies, because I can surely feel it in mine, as the urge to know what this album is all about increases. But unfortunately, all we can do now is sit and wait for the new album so that all these mysteries and loose ends can be resolved and fixed once and for all. Till then keep calm and sit tight dear readers!

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