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Is ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ Based On A True Story? – Read To Know The Spine-chilling Horror Behind It


This is based on a real story that took from the real Ed and Lorrain Warren. There a person who killed his landlord and when interrogating him he said: “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT”. And also said that a sinister who did all these things. This type of case happened for the first time in America and popular at that time. It a story of 1980, Where a Glatzel family shifted to a different city and live in a new house, in the family there are four members.  Glatzel his wife and his two children, After shifting to the new house his elder son felt something that was horrible for him.

His family thought that it’s happening because of a new house and they just ignore the things. But David faces so much trouble then they realize that something went wrong.  David disturb all the time one night he wakes up and he sees an old man and that was horrible for him. After that, he doesn’t talk to anyone and now he will suffer from illness his family call many doctors but David’s position was bad day by day. And then they call the priest who refined his house but the things did not come in the right way and the situation worst than before. Now David was in so much pain and then his sister calls his husband to give the company to David. His husband’s name was Arne Johnson, after the priest, doctor, and Arne Johnson the situation worst than before.

Because the situation was worst David tells his parent that an old man always lives with him. In fact, he is seeing so many ghosts around him. Then his parent calls Ed and Lorrain Warren. They talk to David they have understood that ghosts live with David, not one 44 ghosts capture David. Lorrain called four priests and start the exorcism, David had faced so much trouble from the exorcism. Arne was so angry he is a child if ghosts have the courage then meet me. That was so horrible and then Arne and his wife shifted to another house.

The same things happen with Arne that happen with David before. Arne behaving like an indifferent person to his wife arranges a party for him to pacify the situation. It’s like a small get-together. The landlord of his house present over there. He talks with his landlord Alan Bruno after some time they fight with each other. Arne kills him with the knife then police catch the Arne. Arne says that “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT”.

it would be interesting to watch a horror movie that is based on a real story. It’s being really horrible to watch this type of movie. Because of  COVID-19, it delayed from the original date of September 11, 2020.  It is scheduled for release in the United Kingdom on May 28, 2021, and in the United States on June 4, by Warner Bros, You can see the movie which is so horrible and interesting as well.

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