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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: A Game Which Has Cards But Isn’t A Card Game – Read To Know


Introducing the latest and greatest game, Warhammer Age of Sigmar. To play it is to love it; a game where you’ll have to use cunning and strategic skills to defeat your opponent. An epic war story unfolds each time you play, so you will never run out of fun scenarios. Warhammer is a unique approach to miniature war games, where players not only make their units by physically assembling the miniatures on a base but also the Units themselves are made up using separate Cards where you can use different combinations of Cards to create your ideal army. These games are interesting and are the ones that everyone should play once.

“See the game’s exclusive content—that we created for this special trailer. Talk to our characters and meet them on a journey through the Realm of Metal, into the Chaos wastes, and beyond. We wanted to make sure that our players know that Storm Ground is not a collectible card game, and it doesn’t play like one. In fact, many of the cards in Storm Ground don’t represent units; they create effects that can drastically alter the course of battle. Cards in the game aren’t even used until stepped [sic] on by your opponent, meaning you can use them strategically without worrying about your opponent stealing them or having them destroyed.” Said the officials in a report.

After departing from the popular Warhammer Fantasy Battles tabletop game, Games Workshop has debuted a new fantasy strategy war game called “Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The game was announced to be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One via Games for Windows.

Presented in beautiful 1080p and enhanced for PS4 Pro, the game is a sumptuous feast for the eyes for both series veterans and newcomers alike. Built for the high-level cards collector, the Novalight collector’s box is a limited edition that’s an ideal showcase for your fearsome cards.

“Today, Storm Ground held a press demo for the game, and no doubt attracted onlookers as they did a demonstration of the game. After the demo, I got to sit down with Stanisha Shellshock”, the CEO of Storm Ground to find out more about this isometric hex strategy game. Storm Ground looks like an intense game of strategic combat, pitting three-dimensional armies against each other.

The armies on this battlefield are led by the greatest warriors in the Mortal Realms, and battle with the latest weapons and equipment. Fear not! You will be rewarded for your efforts. Storm Ground features a unique rewards system filled with quests that give you access to rare items and options that allow you to personalize your knight.

As a soldier, success depends on completing your missions. It’s easy to lose focus in the midst of battle, but by increasing your experience gains through grind-farming, you’ll inevitably become even more powerful. If you start up the gaming engine, connect the wires to your brain, and play away from civilization, we’ll get you straight-up liquored up in no time. So get ready for the new game and see how it goes in the future.

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