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Katty Kay And Carlos Watson- The Next Greatest Duo In The Media Industry After Katty Joins OZY Media


Katherine B. Kay more popularly known as Katty Kay is a worldwide known British journalist, author, and broadcaster. She used to represent BBC World News America and, along with Christian Fraser, she had hosted the Beyond 100 Days on BBC Four, BBC News, and BBC World News. She has also anchored the BBC coverage of two Presidential elections and used to appear weekly on NBC News in Morning Joe. You must have been a bit shocked with my usage of past tense and may think that I have had some typing errors. But that is not at all the case! 

Katty Kay has decided to leave her post on BBC and become the senior editor and executive producer of OZY Media.

OZY Media is an international media and entertainment company that was first launched in September 2013 by the former CNN and MSNBC news anchor, journalist, and businessman Carlos Watson. When Carlos had first launched this company he had only one thing in his mind and that was to help curious people all around the globe see a broader and bolder world. Ozy Media has one of the major partnerships with the greatest media industry leaders such as A&E Networks, iHeart Media, the BBC, and Live Nation, as well as the digital advertising giant Dentsu.

So we did see that OZY media has a partnership with BBC then why did suddenly Katty decide to leave her post in BBC and join OZY media? What made her choose OZY media over the BBC? And why this sudden change of heart? To find out why don’t you all continue reading. 

Not that long back we all remember that Katty and Carlos had together launched a podcast named “When Katty met Carlos” which had gained a lot of popularity and they both even had fun and enjoyed working alongside each other and that is the main reason why they both thought of making their partnership in a permanent manner. Because for Katty as she had once said in an interview that she would require a really special place to leave the special place she is already working in. 

So after the podcast, she had a change of heart mostly because she has spent the majority of her career working in a broadcast network whereas OZY media is a different industry. So to gain knowledge about streaming and learning to work in a new industry is the major reason for her leaving the BBC.

But what’s in it for Carlos? Well with Katty coming in OZY media she will bring a lot of global editorial experiences which will be helpful in producing dozens of new TV shows, podcasts, and documentaries across any of the various genres. As claimed by Carlos that ‘OZY has always been global, since the very beginning, I hope that focus only deepens upon Katty’s arrival.’ 

New arrivals come in with more creative ideas so Katty will be exploring new shows which will be out of her comfort zone as they will be very different from traditional broadcast formats. Carlos is deciding on a collaborative show starring Katty and himself on Gen-Z. Where Katty will not only get to explore she will even get to tell more stories through new genres but they will also be in new formats, which was the main reason why Katty shifted to OZY media. 

But that’s not all for the bigger picture because Katty’s hiring brought in a lot of good news for OZY media. It not only brought in $50 million in revenue last year, which happened for the first time in its 7-year history but its annual OZY Fest global event also had 1 million participants across dozens of countries. Not only that but OZY media will be producing four new shows in the coming months and Katty who starts officially on 28th June will begin filming those new shows. 

So this change has benefited both parties hence it is a win-win situation and we await to see what other great things the two of them accomplish together.

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