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Is Jeremy Clarkson Truly Immortal In The Way He Claims To Be? Claims If He Doesn’t Die This Year, He’ll Live Forever


Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson we all have heard this name as he is one of the most popular English broadcasters, journalists, and writers who have also specialized in motoring. He is mostly known for the motoring programs Top Gear and The Grand Tour which had starred him alongside Richard Hammond and James May. 

He currently writes in the weekly columns for The Sunday Times and The Sun. Since 2018, Jeremy has hosted an ITV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

From a local journalist in northern England, he rose to become a presenter of the original format of Top Gear in 1988. And since then, he has become a widely recognized public personality. Jeremy has also produced programs and books on subjects such as history and engineering. In 1998, he had also hosted his first series of Robot Wars, and from 1998 to 2000 he also hosted his own talk show named Clarkson.

Everyone is bound to have setbacks and even with everything going smoothly suddenly in 2015, the BBC had decided not to renew Jeremy’s contract with the company due to an assault that took place on a Top Gear producer while filming. That year, with Jeremy having nothing to do had an idea, and then, he and his Top Gear co-presenters and producer Andy Wilman formed the production company called the W. Chump & Sons by which they produced The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video.

And now all of a sudden Jeremy Clarkson has publicly announced that if he doesn’t die this year he will live ‘forever’. It’s weird,I know, and surprising at the same time and you would definitely want to know why Jeremy thinks that way.

Well, think of a situation where every single person you know since your childhood till date, including your friends and parents, have died at the age of say 59 wouldn’t that be weirdly coincidental to you? Won’t you think that you will also die at the age of 59? That is the exact thing with Jeremy Clarkson. He had turned 61 last month and everyone he knew including his father has passed away at the age of 61 so he confesses with the fear of dying that ‘If I make it to 62, I’ll be here forever.’ 

Earlier this year Jeremy also opened up about his battle with coronavirus during Christmas and he had the fear that he would be dying all by himself in the ‘plastic tent’. Although he was 60 years old at that time and had already faced double pneumonia and had even smoked tonnes of cigarettes, the time he had contracted the virus was very frightening for him. As every illness has its own cure and there is a sense of assurance that a person may get better and with the medications available it was easier to combat the disease but with coronavirus as the enemy, nothing is predictable due to the lack of medication and the worsening of the situation with time. But he successfully did fight the virus and is back in good shape and health. 

So the main question is that if he doesn’t die this year will he actually live forever? Or will he die eventually breaking the curse of dying at the age of 61? That is for us to wait and watch.

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