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Watch Nebula Actress Karen Gillan In Action Movie Gunpowder Milkshake Trailer – Watch Here Now


Karen Gillan(Sam), The film is about a mom(Headey-Scarlet) and daughter (Karen Gillan-Sam)  who take revenge when the wrong things happen in any firm, She is present to clean the dirtiness over there. She is fearless because she has the power and ability to cessation the inappropriate circumstances, and she fights with them. I think everyone has this type of ability when they see that something went wrong they should take action just like in this movie we have seen. It also instructs all people that wait for another person to take the action you are enough to fight with them because when you up to your voice high then everyone makes right support for other.

Just like we have seen in this movie a lady, fights with the wrongdoer who is so much power but she takes action that shows her courageous personality. We learn from this a lot which gives you a glimpse of power inside of you. It also shows that women have the power to doing something great that we would see in this movie. It shows that everyone has the power but the thing is to identify and some of them identify that is the good thing. That exit to me that watch the movie.

Now if I talk about Karen Gillan who is a Scottish actress and filmmaker, plays a versatile performance and impersonating role in this movie as a killer, she is really good in motion and physically demanding role like we have seen before in different movies, she is made for action movies. And her mom role which played by Lena Headey is a Bermudan-English actress, She has also played a powerful character in this film. It interesting to see the three generations in this movie, they will need to faith in each other to kill the wrong people and clean the firm, basically, we will see a daughter-mother duo. The producer of this movie, who wants to change their genre just because he always makes a horror movie now it will be interesting to see the thriller movie directed by Navot Papushado.

This will show the ability of two ladies who are working for the mission to clean the wrongdoer people by killing them. It’s a huge thing that we will see in this movie. Karen Gillan Showed her happiness to put the story on Instagram that I am not believing that we finished our film Gunpowder Milkshake, such a wonderful experience she said that we cant wait to watch the movie.

We would see a great thriller story with lots of action and drama. which impacts the audience this kind of film encourages the women to take action for that is wrong. Because it is a daughter mother story and both are very courageous, who teaches us to take action regarding the situation and we will learn a lot from this movie. It is a good thriller action movie I think everyone should watch the movie which release date is July 14.

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