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Watch Megan Fox Kissing Machine Gun Kelly’s Black Inked Tongue In Barely Covering Black Cutout Dress


Megan fox and Gun kelly make probably one of the best talked of couples of the decade. In the recently held Billboards music awards, the two made a heart-robbing appearance on the red carpet. Megan fox, stunning and sexy look has taken away the breath of millions. She was seen wearing an ultra revealing criss-cross bodice black-colored gown that became one of the most ongoing discussions throughout the world. Also, the cleavage-baring top was coupled with a midi skirt that made a perfect combination.

The ultra-sexy heart robbing look of a fox put the red carpet on fire.

Kelly also rocked the night by wearing an unbuttoned, white shirt with a black colored coat, painted nails, a necklace, and surprisingly black painted tongue which could be clearly seen when he posed for the photoshoot in front of photographers.

Well, Kelly was nominated that night for three categories namely Top rock album for “Tickets to my downfall”, top rock song “my ex’s best friend” featuring a black bear, and top rock artist which was finally won by him.

Also, the red carpet show turned out to be one of the date nights for the couple as a sign of their first anniversary as they were spotted on 20 May 2020 for the first time together. According to various sources, Megan was seen to be very happy and both are enjoying a healthy relationship between them.

Kelly, by wearing an unbuttoned and untucked shirt flaunted basically his inked body and also posed with his black-painted tongue out. Definitely, kelly and Megan together created a moment on the red carpet that millions of people will be talking about for years all over the globe.

The last weekend also witnessed the couple’s another glamorous night together as it was Fox’s 35th birthday. Fox sizzled there with red hot blazers with flared pants and a matching bra with platform heels while kelly wore a navy blue turtleneck, gray slacks along black boots having red shoelaces.

The couple has also reportedly seen taking the next step ahead in their relationship as kelly is seen spending much time with Fox’s kids. Since Megan loves her boys and they will always remain her priority, she is damn excited that they are accepting Colson. Also, fox 9 years long married relationship with Green is almost on the verge of getting over as she has already filed a divorce case against her after splitting from him in 2019.

If you are interested in knowing about all the winners who won at the Billboard music awards other than kelly, you can just click the given link https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/awards/9576742/2021-billboard-music-awards-winners-list.

Although Megan’s dress stole everybody’s attention yesternight, there are several ongoing controversies regarding that as the dress was almost very similar to the one worn by Kim Kardashian in 2019 who actually broke the internet in a strikingly similar outfit almost a year and a half ago.

Well, the modern-day house of Mugler has also made these ultra revealing cutout creations a brand signature for the past several years.

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