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Square Enix Reportedly Hired The ‘Nioh’ Game Developer For New Unnamed Final Fantasy Spin-Off Game


If the reports are to be believed then a spin-off title from the Final Fantasy franchise is currently in development. A new, unannounced game in the Final Fantasy series is currently in development at Team Ninja. The studio is best known for titles like Nioh and Ninja Gaiden. It’s a brand new game experience built from the ground up. It’s coming to both major consoles and is currently being co-developed by one of the world’s most famous development studios. The game’s real-time combat system will reportedly be in the vein of Team Ninja’s other successful titles.

According to a report published by the industry news source Unchained Gamer, Final Fantasy Origin will be a part of Square Enix’s E3 showcase later this year. Originally, the spinoff was supposed to be an open-world game that would tie up loose ends in the Final Fantasy universe. It is now said to be a “tentpole” alongside other recently announced games. Fanbyte, a lucky gamer who got to try the demo of this game stated that Final Fantasy Origin is fun and addictive. After his hands-on session, Fanbyte is now even more excited for the official release of this game.

Square claims that the game will still be in a fairly early state by this summer and will be available to play the demo only. In other words, Square will not release an actual full version of the game if the players do not respond very well. An official announcement from Sony confirmed that the title will be available first on the PlayStation 5, with a Steam release planned for “further down the road”.

Final Fantasy Origin is all set to be announced in June later This year. This upcoming game will be published by Square Enix and developed by Team Ninja, the same team that brought you games such as Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. The creators of Final Fantasy are working with Ben Humphreys, the creator of The Last Story and various homebrew games. With its release just around the corner, Final Fantasy Origin looks to prove once and for all that a free-to-play model can deliver an epic RPG experience.

Square Enix is the world’s leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment. They have helped bring to life many of the industry’s most successful games across a variety of genres. Their consumer business focuses on creating content that drives the industry’s growth and expands the game ecosystem. The game will be exclusive to the PS5, available for PS5 and PS5 Pro users alike.

The Final Fantasy series is one of Square Enix’s most popular franchises. Besides Final Fantasy Origin, of which you’ll hear more about soon, we’re also working on the latest mainline installment in the long-running series. This game will feature updated graphics, story, and gameplay that caters more to the modern gamer. Despite being announced for the PS5 and PC before, we have now made the Final Fantasy XVI a timed exclusive to the PS5—with no reason behind it. Six years after the first announcement fans are eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XVI to see what will happen next.

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