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Game Of Thrones Actor Hannah Waddingham Faced A Traumatising Experience When She Was Motorboarded For 10 Hours


Game of Thrones the name has it all, one of the greatest series ever made. It gives you goosebumps as soon as you hear it. But being an actor in Game of Thrones is a very strenuous task because the dynamic scenes would not have been that dynamic if it was not for our beloved actors and the whole production who put in so much effort making sure everything was as perfect as possible. Starting from getting a good grip of the script to having traumatized experiences Game of Thrones characters gave it their everything to be so successful. You must be wondering what kind of traumatized experience I am referring to? 

Well according to our reports Hannah Waddingham who played the religious zealot Septa Unella in season 5 and 6 told about her traumatizing experience when actually strapped down and waterboarded for 10 hours straight while shooting the torturing scene where she was getting tortured by the evil queen Cersei Lannister which was played by Lena Headey, in season six, on Collider Ladies Night. Hannah Waddingham also mentioned that the original torture scene would be  Unella being raped by Gregor Clegane but with so much going on with the rape of Sansa they decided at the last moment that they would change the scene and Hannah got a text message stating that she ‘would need a wetsuit top’ which was utterly confusing for her and she thought that she had been sent the ‘wrong bits’. But the day she arrived at the set and got to know she was getting waterboarded it completely blew off her mind. She was actually strapped with ‘proper big straps’ for hours as Cersei kept going on pouring wine on her face. 

Even though Lena herself was not very comfortable pouring all hat wine on Hannah’s face she knew she had to continue doing it while the only thought which circled Hannah’s mind was that she knew that the production company couldn’t possibly kill her so she needs to continue with it even it is the most uncomfortable thing to do. She even said that after the long 10 hours had been completed and she had walked past the episode director Miguel Sapochnik she had said that she isn’t doing fine when he had asked her if she was fine or not. And it was pretty obvious because she was continuously screaming through The mountain’s hands after that she could barely even whisper and the rate at which her bruises came along as if she was actually attacked and tortured. 

Due to this incident, she was so traumatized that she had to speak to a counselor as she soon began feeling claustrophobic and had developed a fear of water. She eventually had lost all her faith and trust over the production team as who would want to be strapped down around the neck? Hannah went on by saying that ‘they pointed out if the camera can see you lifting your head up to save yourself, that’s not authentic’ and then Game of Thrones’s co-creator Dan Weiss pointed out that ‘Look, in the script, it says Cersei empties the remainder of her glass of red wine to wake up Unella. People aren’t going to think that’s enough. That is not enough retribution for Cersei. It needs to be three-quarters full or so if we can cheat it, even more of a carafe of wine’ 

So this was an insight on what it is to be a Game of Thrones actor, as nothing is easy, but at that moment it all comes on you whether u choose to go with it or chicken out and say that this is not what I signed up for, etc.

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