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Fans Are Hopeful As Netflix Supposedly Is Going To Launch Their Gaming Platform


Netflix now has its eyes set on gaming, and it should come as no surprise that they are looking to hire someone who can help them jumpstart the process. Netflix is all set to make another expansion into the video on demand business and hire a new general manager to handle the venture alongside its already successful video streaming platform. Netflix is exploring a partnership with video game company Activision Blizzard that could potentially include video game streaming to the 42.3 million Netflix customers in the U.S. and international markets.

“To provide users with the best experience, we’re always working to improve every aspect of the Netflix experience. Our innovation team is constantly looking at how we can improve our product while keeping costs low.” Said the officials in the business. In recent years, as online video streaming has become more commonplace, Netflix has shifted its focus to providing a broader and richer library of content, resulting in high engagement rates for their unique programs and a growing user base.

Netflix is more famously known for TV series and movies that follow a linear format. However, viewers have been asking for Netflix to produce a more interactive series. Netflix has a considerable catalog of shows and movies that keeps growing each month. As a relatively new kid on the block, Netflix is also exploring interactive streaming services on top of their regular ones.

Netflix has always been at the forefront of making bold moves to deliver the best shows and movies — a tradition they’ve upheld by constantly reinventing the way we watch television. Most recently, Netflix released an interactive series called The Push which has been hailed by fans and critics alike.

Earlier today, It was reported that Netflix is planning to launch a subscription-based games section. The report comes several months after the company had announced they were doing away with gaming. Netflix is planning to bring original games to subscribers. Netflix is planning on creating a membership that gives players unlimited access to games, similar to Apple’s Arcade membership!

“We keep your games regardless of whether you subscribe to the service. This means that even if you unsubscribe, you can still access your games at your convenience. After you subscribe, you have as much time as you need to play the games.” Added the officials in a press.

Rather than rest on its laurels, Netflix is preparing a new strategy that could see the streaming service’s subscribers spend even more. Netflix will be adding a games section to its service, but details are limited at this time. Netflix is planning on releasing a wide selection of casual games within the next two years.

Netflix is a convenient way to binge-watch your favorite shows on the sofa, bed, or on a plane from anywhere in the world. Netflix Originals is the home to the best from Netflix. And it’s available worldwide! Your go-to source for Netflix show recommendations as well as everything else you need to know about your favorite shows. Now let’s see how the games that come out on the platform do it in the real world and how the gamers like them.

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