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Fans Are Excited As Lamar Odom Promises To Knock Out Aaron Carter Within Under A Minute


Lamar Odom is assured that he is going to beat Aaron Carter as they equipment up for a celebrity fighting match within around under a minute in the upcoming month. He said with confidence that he will knock out Aaron early in the match. Lamar also revealed that his late friend Kobe Bryant used to inspire him as he is continuing to move from his 2015 overdose. He admitted that Well he gotta put God first, your higher power first before starting anything.  Lamar’s Family, and his children and this is the reason why he is living there. It was just only he is sharing his ‘Mamba Mentality’ moment. That is the quest of being the best version of Lamar himself. In search this. He added that it is an opportunity for him to be the best version of himself and he is in way of searching for his destiny.

Lamar Joseph Odom is known as Lamar Odom born on November 6, 1979. He was an American former expert basketball player and now retired. As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers the National Basketball Association (NBA), he received championships in 2009 and 2010 and become named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2011.

The 41 years old basketball player, a reality star in the former NBA  said that the match will not have lasted longer than the first round and he is taking preparation cordially and diligently for the match which is going to be held on 11th June at Showboat Casino, city of Atlantic. Damon Feldman, a celebrity boxing star also said earlier that Caron and Lamar both already begun their training hardly and very seriously to participate in the upcoming boxing match. He revealed“It’s going to be a be war, man. It’s going to be a knockout, with no doubt .” He predicted, “it’s gonna be a fight, it ain’t gonna be a fight .”  The former NBA said that he would deliver a KO to musician A(a 33-year-old singer )for the first minute of the match. Just a few days ago Lamar told  TMZ that he was enjoying the match just before Odom and a 33-year-old pop star met at Showboat Casiano at Atlantic City. Standing in front of a news conference Lamar made a joke that he will not comprise in the match because he will be so fast.

The match will be a three-round exhibition where Lamar is confident enough to win the match. When he was asked in a press conference about the beating of  Aaron Carter in the first round he said that he is going to say at the first minute of the match most probably.

In response, Aaron Carter insisted that he will not be beaten by Lamar and he confidently said “I know I can [knock out  Lamar Odom].  Come June 12, like I said, like Apollo Creed said, ‘I’  am gonna drop him like a bad habit and I mean that .”

Odom even offered Carter for a dinner for a night drinking and glamping after the match that he wants to buy.

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