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Playstation Is Taking Steps For New Players To Find The Information They Need, And Will Soon Generate Automatic Tips For New Games


PlayStation is always striving to provide the best experience for its customers. One of their new initiatives is called “Tips” where players will be able to earn game rewards based on certain criteria. Sony is working to create an empathetic dev-bot that will eternally remind players of their worth.Sony thinks players of its PlayStation games could soon be rewarded with real-life tips, helping them become better players.The patent shows a way to identify difficult parts of games, and then guide players through them or grant access to background knowledge they’ll need to tackle a certain part.It seems easy, but a new patent from game hardware developer Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that it could be a lot harder than it seems.

“Sony is implementing new features into the PlayStation systems that make it easier to use your console while you play. Nothing frustrates players more than having to stop playing just to do something that should take only a few seconds or minutes. Good design takes this into account and provides easy access to secondary functions without breaking the flow of play.” Said the officials.

Controllers will connect to the system wirelessly and will still be compatible with older versions of the PS4.Sony’s patent will have gamers’ friends’ avatars pop up on the screen from time to time. Billboards will also be shown outside games.Regardless, they system looks to be geared toward success, and in a world filled with popular new games that need data, the system will likely be much more successful on one of the larger platforms.

Ultimately, Sony wants to create a crowdsourced map detailing where every enemy lurks and every hidden chest. By enabling PlayStation Plus members to farm materials in certain co-op games, Sony will be able to build up more information about how players work together and where people find certain materials in specific areas.

Sony is seeking to define a set of players and their shared activities. The information shared includes the time spent playing, type of play, player level and multiplayer join/quit activity.Sony is planning to give players the ability to share their experiences across multiple gaming platforms and connect with other gamers who are playing the same games.

While, in the final code, it is only possible to gauge this readiness through a simple “quest complete” message and the completion of a checkbox, earlier versions of the patented program allow for all sorts of activities to be included without the checkbox.Sony’s guide will help get you up to speed on what you need to know so you don’t have to spend as much time figuring out how to get through a specific type of mission.

Using official cartridges, over 4 million users have saved time while getting through some of the toughest levels in their favorite games.Full of features and tutorials, this guide will help you get off the ground and running fast.You’ll never feel lost in the world of Horizon with these simple tips and tricks to get you started. Now let’s see how the new update goes and if the gamers like it or not.

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