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Kelly Osbourne surprised her fans as she shows off her impressive weight loss in a selfie


Kelly Osbourne has surprised her fan with a new stunning photo of her posing on her bed without any makeup and with impressive weight loss. Kelly Osbourne is widely known as a television actress, singer, model, and also fashion designer. Kelly is 36 and uploaded a recent photo with her 2.3 million followers posing with her purple locks up in buns and gazed out the camera with matching purple eyeshadow and nude lipstick. She has shown off in a brand new photo for losing six tones and her fan’s followers have been complimenting Kelly for her appearance. With an “emoji” language, the actress gave the title “Stuns out buns out.” She also admitted that she had a “gastric sleeve’’ to lose her weight which will help her to reach her destiny and now Osbourne is wowing her super followers together along with her six stone weight loss. She captured the selfie wearing a black t-shirt as she lay on a white bed sheet showing off her slender face and chiseled jawline with a casual makeup-free look.
She is being a high-profile public figure for nearly many years now however, even a number of Kelly Osbourne’s maximum dedicated enthusiasts confessed they did not recognize her in her today’s Instagram photo.

The actress, singer, and daughter to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has gone through a photo overhaul in the latest months, having loose around 40kg after the present process secret “gastric sleeve” surgery. But her today’s glammed-up photo, displaying Osbourne together along with her lavender tinted purple hair in pigtails, left a few enthusiasts puzzled. Kelly’s super fans praised her for this new appearance. One of her fans remarked that she has transformed into a completely different person. Others also wrote that Kelly is now looking like her mother Sharon, who loved to change her appearance by plastic surgery. Her comment section becomes an outburst of praising like “stunning.” “oooh girl Killin em .” The most popular English television and radio host is Fearne Cotton. also entered the comment section to give her opinion. She said “beautiful” under Kelly’s picture. The stylish star Kelly said that everything changes the form of your belly. Nearly two years ago, I got that. I’m never going to lie about that. It’s what I’ve done the most.”

She also learned to eat less when she wasn’t hungry. “When will I know if I’m full? I’ve had plenty! Kelly has previously said, “I’ve finally learned how to do it right.”

Kelly has previously sung the praises of hula-hooping. “It has strengthened my back and arms, and my waist has shrunk by two inches,” she said.

Kelly informed that she had a little dumping body in 2017 depiction and she started all these gyms and exercising. Kelly at 5ft 2 inches disclosed as her heaviest weight because she was weighted then 11.5 stone. But now she has succeeded to lost her weight 85lbs( approximately 6 stone) from 11.5 stone. She said that she used to eat chips and cookies and drink and soda all day long when she did not take part in Dancing with the stars in 2009. She admitted that she underwent this secret gastric sleeve surgery two years ago which helped to lose her overweight and gain a slimmed-down body.

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