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Horror-Comedy Anime ZombieLand Saga Season 2: Confirmed Release Schedule And Spoilers


The ZombieLand Saga is a horror-comedy anime. The story is about a group of zombies who were brought back to life so they can act as the members of Franchouchou which is an idol band based out of Saga Prefecture. It is Developed by Studio MAPPA in collaboration with Avex Pictures, Dugout, and Cygames. 

ZombieLand Saga Season 2, also known as Zombieland Saga: Revenge had first premiered on April 8, 2021, which is written by Shigeru Murakoshi and directed by Munehisa Sakai. The upcoming episode of season 2 which is episode 8 is titled ‘The Saga Incident Part 1,’ which is set to premiere on May 27, 2021, in Japan. 

So, viewers sit tight for this upcoming brand new episode, but isn’t the wait a bit too long for the audience? So why not provide you all with some spoilers. 

To begin with, let us have a recap of episode 7. We all witnessed that a girl named Maimai Yuzuriha accidentally trips over and cracks her eyeglasses. Thus later on she mistakenly walks into the men’s section of a public bath, where Kotaro is taking a bath. Soon then Maimai realizes her mistake so when she tries to run away she slips on Kotaro’s soap and hits the back of her head. 

Kotaro then brings her to the Franchouchou mansion as he thought she was dead and had intended to make her the 7th member of the group. As Tatsumi introduces Maimai as Franchouchou’s 7th member to the other girls suddenly, Maimai’s corpse wakes up and starts running around. Tae then carefully removes the bandage from Maimai’s eyes, leading Maimai to see that Franchouchou’s are nothing but a group of zombies.

Maimai later confesses that she is a fan. Whereas tensed and anxious Yugiri suggests that they should kill Maimai but then realizes that it is not possible. With no option left behind, Tatsumi requests Maimai to keep their zombie identity a secret. 

Even though Maimai finds it difficult to dance to Franchouchou’s songs and cope up with the dance steps, she continues with her hard work and keeps practicing to become Franchouchou 7th member as soon as possible and even win the hearts of the other girls so they can all perform together happily. 

Later ahead in the show it is portrayed that Maimai suggests the idea that Franchouchou performs live at her school event, the Saga’s South Carnival, to which Kotaro agrees. But just a day before the live performance when Franchouchou explores the school, and Sakura and Maimai are alone, Sakura tells Maimai about her high school life, how she became a zombie. Listening to that Maimai had a change of heart so, after the performance, she announces that she will graduate from Franchouchou. Although Kotaro apologizes to Maimai for killing her, she replies that it was her inattentiveness. In the end, she reassures Kotaro that she will continue to keep the group’s real identity a secret. 

To conclude with a spoiler…. It is predicted that Episode 8 will likely focus on Yugiri and depict her life in the Bakumatsu and the Meiji Restoration eras. So viewers get all pumped up to finally get Yugiri.. The wait is almost over!

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