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Beyond 6G: Could Quantum Internet Be The Next Generation Of Internet?


Advancement in technology is only going to increase over time. The communication industry is constantly evolving. To create a rigid framework for emerging technologies, efforts are put into solidifying the network connections across the globe.

Back in the days, 2G and 3G were considered miraculous as they introduced us to a whole new world of cell phones and the benefits it brings along. As soon as 4G came, there was a sudden and drastic change in the world of telecom technology. Things got faster and better. As per the current scenario, it would be fair to say that we’re in the ‘developmental 5G’ phase and we’re slowly heading towards 6G.

Before diving into the 6G network and what it’s all about, it’s important to know the specifics of 5G.

What Is 5G?

5G came to carry forward the legacy of its predecessor and as we’ve mentioned earlier, it revolutionized the speed of data transfer. One thing which made the 5th Generation tech stand out from the crowd was its high-frequency wavelengths. Well, just for general knowledge, Wireless networks function on radio frequency bands that are found in the electromagnetic spectrum. Too technical? Just to keep things simple, the different wavelengths of frequencies are used by different kinds of networks. In the case of a wireless network, it doesn’t really use a high-frequency wavelength.

Because of this, frequencies in action get congested, the reason for this congestion is a perpetual increase in cellular traffic.

5G created a solution for every above-mentioned problem. It created an entirely different path to ease up the traffic. 5G came out to be a very fast wireless network when compared to its predecessors.

Have you heard of the term Latency? Well, now you have. In a wireless network, the time taken by devices to respond to each other is called Latency. Technically speaking, 5G networks have reduced Latency down to 1/1000th of a second. This made everything easier, from augmented reality to cloud computing, better and faster.

6G and Quantum internet

Now, the 6G network is also in a phase of development, and its advent will create a whole new world of possibilities. Just like the way 5G took forward where 4G left and created a colossal revolution in the world of wireless networks. 6G is going to do the same and it’s unimaginable the way it will drive the communication world.

According to reports, at its max. capacity 6G is expected to support data rates of up to 1Tb per second. Now, just think for a moment, the speed at which innovation on Internet will take place is unfathomable.

Coming to the quantum internet, as the name suggests, some laws of quantum mechanics will be applied to ‘quantum devices’ which will further improve the exchange of data.

Researchers propose that for a decade or so the quantum exchange of data will be out of the ‘normal’ user reach. As in the initial phase, data will be encoded in ‘qubits’, which has certain different applications. But, it will be a huge milestone in the world of wireless networks. The advent of the quantum channel of communication is going to be a revolutionary phase in the world.

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