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This Is Why Scott Patterson Didn’t Watch His Iconic Series Gilmore Girls Till Now


Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson denied watching his iconic series because he thinks like how I looked ourselves, it is weird for me. But when he saw it he enjoyed it. Because he thinks that a person who backed icecream but he can’t eat because he gives his many hours in that. He is dissimilar from his iconic Gilmore Girls persona. Because I think he is the kind of person who should not want to see in the screen because it’s wired thing from his perspective, but he tries to change himself according to the time and now he just tries to use to with the technology with the hosting his own podcast. This is the big thing that when people want to change then this kind of decision may help. And with the help of the podcast, he engaged with his fans that is the best thing according to him which he experienced, the environment is very great and I think people are very used to the things.

He shared that he doesn’t like to see himself on the screen but he forces by his wife and then he saw, he felt that it was not the difficult thing he can but he can’t recognize himself that was the weird thing because he was 41 years old. The thing is that some people who don’t want to see themselves on the screen because he feels awkward. It happened not a big deal. He shared his experience “I stupidly tried to sign up with another company and they just didn’t carry the show so I canceled the subscription”.  I don’t mind it now. I’m not judging. I’m not going, ‘Oh, how is this going to affect my career?’ I already know how it affected my career.”

I just saying that people have a different opinion regarding this and he just seeing all the things and according to that he take action. When he engaged with the people he knows how people praising them and then he realized that to listen to others opinion how much effect ourself. So it is a good thing to connect with people and listening others opinion that encourages you regarding your work so it’s helpful. Even many of them connect with the people who are more effective rather than other people. And when it came time to actually sit down and watch himself, Patterson didn’t “have a problem with it now because it was so long ago. I barely even recognize it. I’m like, ‘Who’s that young guise.”I just thought the performances were fantastic, the writing is fantastic. I laughed and laughed and laughed,” he gushed. “I just fell in love with every character and I was stunned at how good it was. I forgot how good it was. I have become obsessed with the show. So now I’m a super fan and I’m going to have to compete with the number one fans to become the number one fan. It’s knocking me out. I love the show.” So go with the flow.

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