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The Open-Beta Test For The Destiny 2 Cross-Play Feature To Begin Next Week.


Next week, all Destiny 2 console players will get to try out the new cross-play feature together—and the game will even reward users for it. If you played during the beta, you know that it was full of lots of new features to try, but cross-play was by far our most requested feature. We listened and are ready to show you what it’s like on May 25, when PlayStation 4 owners get access as well. Bungie is going to give PS3, It also involves playing on PC, which naturally has different control options. So if you want a chance to play games with your friends, not on a console, you can do that during the beta.

“The Beta is a chance for us to test new features and content before they launch to the world. It’s your chance to get a look at upcoming releases and provide feedback before we make the final changes ahead of their official launch. Those who succeed on their third attempt will earn the official “Stars Crossed” emblem, as well as an event-exclusive medal and a drawstring bag.” Said the officials.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action game and will feature cross-play on the PC/Mac which means you can team up with your friends and face the forces of darkness together.

While Bungie said it’s working on a fix that’ll let you play with friends and fireteams — “We’re aware of the issue and are investigating,” a rep told us — for now, players are advised to turn off matchmaking. This is what can be expected from the officials that they are planning to put something more than what earlier gamers used to. Their next goal is to test our matchmaking system against the flood of new players.

If you’re looking ahead to Season 15, you’ll be happy to know that cross-platform gaming is coming this year. It’s still in the works, but we can’t wait for everyone to enjoy Fortnite together. The development team still doesn’t have a launch date for the crossplay feature, but we’re told they are working hard on it. Destiny 2 has a big, featured-packed release on September 6th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The studio assures that the problem has been squashed and should not happen again. While the fact that cross-play was enabled accidentally was less than ideal, it did show players what they can look forward to.”Although this bug has been squashed, we admit that it’s nice players are having a chance to play with their friends.” Said the officials.

This leaves Bungie a year and a half to deliver on its promise for the next major content update, Destiny 2’s second expansion, which is now set to launch in the coming months.”The Witch Queen will be the sequel to last year’s Warmind, which introduced Destiny’s first fully-playable big bad, Ana Bray.

While Destiny 2 players are keen to get their hands on the extensive content update, unfortunately, they’ll have to wait until 2022 before they can get their hands on it. Now let’s see how the new update and new function roll out.

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