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The Long-Dormant Timesplitters Franchise Is Finally Getting A Fourth Game; Deep Silver Confirmed Over Twitter


The highly requested TimeSplitters 4 is once again in development by Crytek UK. Well, it took sixteen years of waiting and some nerve-wracking near-announcements, but ‘TimeSplitters 4’ is officially in production. Fans of the TimeSplitters series can now rejoice. Although 16 years have passed since the release of TimeSplitters 3.0, the game is finally hitting shelves. TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter that took the gaming community by storm in 2001. Its unique combination of time travel and action led fans to demand a sequel, but publisher Eidos has never addressed the issue. As a result, gamers have been clamoring for more, all this time.

The TimeSplitters franchise has been a blast to play since its debut, introducing gamers to a compelling universe that places John “Captain Narvic” Temporal at the center of time-traveling antics. A beloved cult classic, the original TimeSplitters is one of the first games to feature online multiplayer capabilities. It let players compete against each other from all around the world. Originally launched as a launch title for PlayStation 2 in 2000, TimeSplitters became a classic for first-person shooter fans.

The original TimeSplitters was released in 2000 and was met with both critical and commercial success. A sequel to the game, TimeSplitters 2, followed two years later and proved that time manipulation can work in multiplayer games as well. “Good news! TimeSplitters, the legendary first-person shooter series, which received numerous awards during its run, has been handed off to Free Radical Design, which is owned by Crytek (makers of Crysis). This new game will be developed under TimeSplitters Rewind, a program that aims to bring back classic games to “the top of their genre.” Said the officials in a press.

But it’s actually good news for Deep Silver, which is hiring a 100-person team to make a fourth TimeSplitters.”Today, we’re announcing a huge step in Deep Silver’s history. You asked and we listened and we’re extremely happy to let you know that the hugely popular first-person shooter franchise TimeSplitters is coming back!” Deep Silvers in an interview. When a Time Machine crashes into the TimeSplitters dimension, Cortez, Sergeant Fitzgerald, and the rest of the newly formed unit is sent back in time to clean up these chronon messes. They go on adventures, meet interesting people and places and have a lot of laughs along the way

Free Radical Design, the development studio known for the TimeSplitters series, is undergoing changes in leadership. Industry veterans Steve Ellis and David Doak will serve as joint CEOs of the company in addition to their work as creative leads on an unannounced project.

In the interview, the officials of the Deep Silvers also mentioned that the firm will seek external development for development on its next game. Deep Silver and Crytek have announced plans to develop further games in the TimeSplitters franchise. The studio will move to Nottingham, U.K, where Dambuster Studios is also located.

Deep Silver has set up a Prague-based studio following the acquisition of TimeSplitters maker Crytek UK. The publisher plans to use the new studio as part of its plans to expand its label Deep Silver Fishlabs, which was created in 2007 following the acquisition of FXLabs.

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