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‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ Sales Are Off The Charts On Nintendo Switch And Ubisoft Can’t Be More Pleased


With positive buzz featuring a touch of controversy, Ubisoft seems pleased with the newest Immortals Fenyx Rising game on the Nintendo Switch. The game has been on a roll since its release and the gamers have also been pleased with its performance. Ubisoft’s financial report Tuesday gave more examples of the remarkable success of video game titles that it has launched, particularly one called “Fenix Rising.” They just held its latest earnings conference call, but the company spent the time talking about its upcoming titles in detail. In fact, one of those titles got a lot of attention.

The company’s CFO revealed that the latest title, which is called Immortals Fenyx Rising, is doing well, and Ubisoft had sold over 108 million copies of it.“We’re happy that sales of the title are going well,” Dugue told investors on the call. Dugue went on to say the company thought it did “particularly well” on Switch and would have a couple more titles coming to the console in 2019. Frederick Duguet also spoke to the sales of Nintendo Switch’s newest fighting game, ‘Immortals Fenryx Rising’. Duguet revealed that Immortals is doing well, and has sold through.

“Immortals, slated to be released in 2017, is a new property with stellar community support. We expect Immortals to follow the success of previous titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. The game was made more accessible on the Switch, thanks to a variety of additions from extra content to tweaks in gameplay. As a result, we are gaining both new and experienced gamers who enjoy the fluidity of the action-based gameplay.” said the officials in the press while releasing all the profit that they have gained from it.

Ubisoft’s new action RPG was very well-received by the community. It is seen as a potential hit, especially in the Nintendo Switch version. It looks like it might be a hit, and maybe this will encourage more people to try out Nintendo as a console. The game has been “excellent”. The game was sold out so quickly on the Nintendo Switch that there were complaints about the stock.

Duguet said during the quarterly conference call that Just Dance’s been on a roll with new fans embracing the franchise and game sales growing year-on-year. He mentioned that Switch’s been especially instrumental in bringing in new fans, prompting investors to pick up stock in Activision Blizzard.

TechSquare Labs, the technology-based educational arm of AT&T in Athens, welcomed Gary Duguet into its program today as a member of the Smart City Super District Advisory Board.

“It is a special game and I really enjoyed working on it,” Gallaudet said. “We worked hard to bring our own interpretation of the Wanda character to life in 3D. The Roam scenario was also a great opportunity to develop our 3D camera controls for Link’s Awakening, which you’ll see featured again soon in Zelda II. But Fenyx Rising dev says “no comment” about future Zelda games, but is eager to keep working on the series. Now let’s see how both the games roll out in the market and what new it brings to the society.

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