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General Horpital Spoilers: Will Elezabeth And Hamilton Find Love Again While Working On The Case Of Harrison Chase


General Hospital has been revolving around Elizabeth Webber Baldwin and Dr. Hamilton Finn, two heartbroken people left alone with their kids. So could they at last stop dwelling over their past and move on and find comfort in each other? To find out, keep reading ahead.

Elizabeth has three sons whom she loves with her whole heart. Cameron Webber is her oldest son, Jake Spencer is her middle son and Aiden Spencer is her youngest son. She was married to Franco Baldwin and they both were one unusual couple because, on one hand, Elizabeth is a dedicated nurse at General Hospital whereas Franco was a controversial artist and a serial killer. 

Recently in General Hospital, Franco had found out that he had a cancerous brain tumor and even with the treatment he was not getting better. Although Elizabeth and all the viewers had hoped that he gets better, the story brings in a plot twist and shows Franco being fatally shot by Peter August. Which was devastating and heartbroken for not only Elizabeth but also all the viewers of the show. 

Now about Dr. Hamilton Finn who is a part of Liz’s family as he had been in a relationship with Elizabeth’s sister Hayden Barnes. They had planned to get married as Hayden was pregnant with Hamilton’s daughter. However, Hayden left town before the marriage which had shattered Hamilton in bits.

Although later in General Hospital, Hayden returned to Hamilton and he was more than happy to find out that he had a daughter named Violet. Not only that but Elizabeth and her sons were also very happy to have Violet as a part of the family as she brought happiness along with her in their lives. Hayden had wanted to stay but again left as she thought that her life was in danger. 

At that point, Hamilton did recover from Hayden as he was in a relationship with Anna Devane and was on the verge of getting married….but it didn’t happen because Anna was keeping secrets from him about Peter. Another heartbreak for Hamilton and tears shed by the audience. 

But my dear readers you don’t have to be sad for long as General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that in the coming episodes Harrison Chase, who is suffering due to Peter August’s twisted poisoning scheme, will have a great medical team to help him out. One being Hamilton Finn who has been doing everything in his power to help Harrison recover and the other being Elizabeth Baldwin who will eventually confess the secret of Harrison’s case. General Hospital spoilers also claim to keep Harrison’s life at stake as the storyline heats up.

Sit tight General hospital fans as here comes another twist, you all know that Hamilton believes Harrison to be his biological son due to the paternity test results, but what he and you all don’t know is that those results were altered. But the good news is that there will be some issues that will come up in the later episodes that will help Hamilton to get to know the truth which will certainly create a heartfelt atmosphere as the father-son bond of Gregory Chase and Harrison Chase will be restored. 

But that’s not all folks, General Hospital spoilers say that Elizabeth Webber finally moves on and when she gets a chance to save Harrison Chase that will be the beginning of her new chapter. And with everything going south in Harrison’s life he will soon require Elizabeth’s help and there is also a possibility that he moves in with her. As both Elizabeth and Hamilton need support to run their families, their close bond and friendship may soon turn into love and bring in the firecrackers of the show. 

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