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Why Lauren Lane are leaving Hollywood after ‘The Nanny’


Lauren Lane one who is famous for her role C.C Badcock on The Nanny. She is an astounding American television and stage actress who is now leaving Hollywood. She said that it was a fantastic show and I am very blessed to play the role in The Nanny. She shows her gratitude that she is blessed and fortunate to play the fantastic roles and she is happy. After the end of The Nanny, she felt like a typecast, and she thought that her carrier had been completed now, she was 40 years old and a single mom. So she decides that I should back to my home because she was graduated from the American conservatory theater, she started to teach acting and dance. She thought always that she worked as an actress but because of some problem she left and this was horrible for her but she had taken the decision.

She makes a distance from Industry because for some reason that she cant become like that then she appeared in a few other on-screen productions now she is not performing, she is lecturing at Texas State University in San Macros where she teaches dance and acting.

If we talk about her series the nanny she was fantastic over there and the series was famous at that time because of her acting that was an excessive eulogy.  She had awarded many awards because of his fabulous acting. What she has she is happy with that because she knows that where is happiness but she wants to do a lot at that time but she feels that she is weak than other forces and she take a decision that regrets her because she wants to do but now she is happy.

If I tell her feeling that she scared about her faultier she didn’t want to herself as a dominant person because when you love your work then you can do anything for this and like she did she was very passionate about her acting carrier and she didn’t want to leave but somehow and some reason she left and that was very scary for her. she faced so many problems in her real life and when these things happen than she decides that she did something that beneficial for her and her daughter. You have in their life divergence and you have only one option then you take decision unanimously.

Because of some terms and conditions, she decides that she is retired from Hollywood. And as we know that she is a good lecturer and I think experienced people who teach then the student have that is the great thing. she has enjoyed her carrier because she loved acting and she is now doing as a  lecturer so the thing is if you have not to the platform to prove yourself but you have other option to build your carrier don’t give up. It’s up to you that how you deal with the things in this world and when you do all people praising you.

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