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Whatsapp Users Might Finally Be Able To Migrate Data From iPhone to Android


Whatsapp is the most extensively used application that connects people globally. The report is saying that Whatsapp is working on a new feature and that will help user to migrate their conversations and to develop on importing chat history features on Android devices. Whatsapp is finally rolled out with its new terms of services in India on  15th May 2021. Whatsapp is an app that is protected from end-to-end encryption for backup and now it is currently under development. The migration tool is introduced for quite some time. Rumors are spreading that the updated migration feature will help the user to change their contact number without losing their chat history from the old contact and it will be available in a future update. Recently it was also reported that WhatsApp has been tested for 24 hours for disappearing the messages from the phone storage in the Android devices and it will be an additional facility that users can set a week’s (7 days)  time for disappearing the messages.  It accordingly works by the latest information from the app’s beta.  The android or ios users can transfer their chats from one device to another device with their earlier phone number and also for switching from  Android to iPhone.It will be an overwhelming experience for them to shift from an iPhone user to an Android user. Android update screenshot of Whatsapp beta is proving that the company is working well to develop their migration tool features on the Whatsapp conversations and exporting chat history features on the Android devices and iOS devices.

The process to transfer WhatsApp message from ios to Android

Firstly, users have to open their  WhatsApp and then swipe left on the chat user wants to take the new Android phone.

Secondly, users have to tap on the ‘More’ button and then select on ‘Export Chats’

Thirdly, a user should repeat this process for all the chats they have or the chats they want to transfer to the new Android phone.

Whatsapp might sync the chats while transferring the chats from ios to Android. Though there is some app to fix this problem they will all hit or miss. With Apptrans, WhatsApp data can be easily transferred by a few steps.

So at first users have to download the app then they should be connected by their devices and finally they can start the transfer.

This can be a safe procedure and by this app, users can transfer their important files with jailbreaking and rooting.

The app will also help to increase phone storage by storing data on the computer without any additional charges.  Whatsapp is still now testing with this new feature for the Android phones and iOS devices to migrate the chat history. It has been said by the company that Whatsapp will complete its feature to export messages from Ios to import to the Android devices and users can keep hopes that these updating features will change the way they use Whatsapp by sustaining its popularity.

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