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The Third Eye Is A Perfect Gadget For Phone Addicts Which Allows Them To Walk While Using Your Phone


This is a wonderful gadget for those, who use their phone too much. Because of the digital world, we busy with phones the whole day even we do not look upward for any work so it is important for you that you have the knowledge of what’s going on around yourself. So I think the third eye is a powerful gadget that protects you from any problem. it’s very unique who design he has great thinking power. Now you can wander here and there with your phone. it is so flexible attaches to your foreheads that not harm you, use some sensor that tells you that some obstacle is here then you quickly react so you can see how easily you tackle your obstacle and save yourself from this type of obstacle.

I am telling you guise this is great when we go outside we face so many problems like we can’t use our phone in outside because we have the fear that we injured or something else so this gadget is helping so many people because this is really great I suggest to everyone that it is really helpful. it helps you to react quickly to any situation that harms you. it also removes the addiction to your mobile phone you will not look into your phone, again and again, I think this is a really big problem for today’s world and that is solved by Robotics that uses Artificial Intelligent and innovate such a wonderful gadget that helps many people, and we all see that this epidemic teach us how you work from your home that helps you to look other things as well as you want so I think this is really very useful. we also know that an ultrasonic sensor helps you to detect any problem and inform you through a buzzer.

So you can see that all things under in your eyes you can see everything that happens around you, now you can feel very powerful because you have the third eye that protects you from any problem. I guess everyone wants a third eye in their life which helps to protect their life and everyone wants it. This invention is really wonderful because we have seen so many accidents in their life why? because of phones, we all check their messages or somehow we use our phone but now we have a wonderful solution that resolves our problem and that invented by Mnwook Paeng who is a student of London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College. We appreciate their work because it is saving so many lives who are dying from a road accident and other reasons while they are using their phone so this is tremendous for us because it protects us from any problem. If you are in your home and you are using their phone and if you have children then it also helps to see your child also that what they are doing and you feel grateful that you have a third eye.

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