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iOS 14.7 Beta Extends Air Quality Index Support To More Cities In The In-Built Weather App


As everyone has witnessed, Apple has been having great success with its new iOS beta program. One of the new features introduced with iOS 14 last year was the ability to view Air Quality on the weather app. We have already seen a great bunch of iOS 14.5 while iOS 14.6 RC is the latest one. But before Apple users could settle with iOS 14.6 and have a stable iOS14.6 upgrade the tech giant is all ready to move on into a new iOS beta program, the iOS 14.7 Beta 1. 

The iOS 14.7 Beta 1 update is all set and already available with a useful feature consisting of several pre-installed apps that iOS offers and among them, the Apple Weather app which provides the weather updates along with information like Air Quality, just like iOS 14. However, the Apple Weather’s Air Quality feature hasn’t been available in most regions until the latest update iOS 14.7 beta 1 came out. Thus, the company has finally decided to expand its latest feature to many other places. As per reports stated from Reddit and Twitter, the said feature now shows air quality for Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, and even Canada.

For the Air Quality to function it uses BreezoMeter as its source of information. As the air pollution levels can change drastically throughout the course of the day and even across short distances, Breezometer reports data in real-time and reflects the user’s local air quality index (LAQI) and related health category, represented visually within the LAQI’s color scale. Like in the United States, the air quality measurements are based on an Air Quality Index (AQI) which is in between the range of 0 to 500, with the lower numbers depicting a better air quality while the higher numbers portray the air quality as being unhealthy. Which is then displayed on a colored bar that goes from blue (good quality air) to purple (very degraded air) in the weather app on the iPhone. This allows users to not only monitor the air quality and make immediate decisions that reduce their exposure to air pollution. But also additional air quality information such as the Air quality map, the pollutant levels, the pollen levels, the environmental forecast, and even health-related recommendations is also available to users on the BreezoMeter consumer website or the iOS app. 

However, before the iOS 14.7 Beta 1 update, the BreezoMeter’s hyperlocal air quality data was available when viewing locations in the US, UK, Germany, India, and Mexico. So it is predicted that the lack of availability of the BreezoMeter site may be the reason why the feature was not available for all regions. 

Even though the users have commented, sent tweets, and posted on Reddit regarding the expansion of its Air Quality feature the tech giant has made no such announcements or comments regarding the matter in hand. Not only that according to the reports the exact number of countries where the feature is now working is also not known. So we still await the Tech giant to confirm and provide us with necessary inputs regarding this new expansion. 

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