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Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains To The Court That App Store Is Not Monopoly


Tim cook said that the app store is like a feature and all developers manage at the same level they work for privacy, security, and quality, and rules apply to everyone. Just like we know that this product has huge demand in the world and one hundred million users use it currently so it is important that how the features are working and how we paid for any apps that is an important thing when you are an iPhone user or Apple customer. And I think this is a beautiful product and they have a great experience. Tim cook said that it is not a monopoly like others,  84% of apps totally free, and the remaining 16% pay for specific subscriptions. Epic said that this is a monopoly and also that take a commission for a gaming console but things are how Tim cook handle these things, we all know that Apple’s biggest success during Cook’s regains.

We all know that everyone has a competition with apple because it is in peak and everyone wants to overpower it because it has great features that make it unique from other products. What happened in the future that we will have seen. He said from their side that they purchase only for some apps and when Tim takes charges in their hand we see that the biggest boom in the app store, they were starting from 500 apps and store has grown 1.8 million apps this is the biggest things that we are seeing. They earn just double their income and also they increase employment they give job, Epic asked so many questions regarding this but now we will have seen that what the divergence in that case.

We will be seeing in the future that how cooks handle these things because it is a huge obligation. Epic is trying to prove that the store has morphed into a price-gouging vehicle that not only reaps a 15 to 30 percent commission from in-app transactions but blocks apps from offering other payment alternatives. That extends to just showing a link that would open a web page offering commission-free ways to pay for subscriptions, in-game items, and the like.

We all know that It also argues that App Store commissions mirror fees charged by major video game consoles — Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s Switch — as well as a similar app store run by Google for more than three billion mobile Android devices. That is roughly twice the number of active iPhones, iPads, and iPods that rely on Apple’s store for apps. Just like we know that this is a great company and we all blind faith over there so it’s their response that how the things are happening I think it’s a measure issue and true things in front of everyone. everyone has a right to know which product they are using what the terms and conditions they follow its an important perspective for every customer and in fact, they are working for their customer’s requirements and what they want.

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