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NEXUS And MIC 330 Combine Together In A Single Unit To Form A Complete Live Streaming Solution With 6-Track Audio Mixing Functionality


AVerMedia has unveiled its newest Streaming creation- the NEXUS. The ultimate streaming tool for high-end content creators that want to simplify and perfect their stream. The Live Streamer NEXUS and Streamer MIC 330 have been created to empower your audio performance. With automatic mixer functions and a 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound mode, you will be able to create clear, dynamic live streams of your music that entice new fans. With its built-in omnidirectional microphone and audio splitter, you’re ready to stream whenever wherever! No more worries about equipment or cords. Just connect directly to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or console.

“AVerMedia Technologies, a leader in digital audio and video announced today that it has launched the Live Streamer NEXUS and Live Streamer MIC 330. These are the latest additions to AVerMedia’s ecosystem. Creating is what we do. And the Control Center makes it easy to manage new music, podcasts, live commentary; all the while keeping you connected using just one input. The dynamic microphone delivers studio-quality sound.” Said the officials in an interview.

Designed to be an immediate game-changer for streamers of all levels, the NEXUS comes with a wide variety of features that will improve your productions and stream. The NEXUS is a 6-track audio mixer that delivers awesome sound quality and incredible mobility. It allows you to mix live music for concerts, capture a podcast, or record videos. With a few taps, you can connect NEXUS to the streaming software of your choice and get started with your show.

The NEXUS seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a live switcher, music mixer, video mixer, monitor, and even an IMAG source into a single compact, HDMI-connected device. Its user interface gives users control over their stream. Built for the world’s greatest live streamers, it’s packed with features designed to give them more power.

We’re all familiar with the difference between good audio and bad audio. You can hear it. The Live Streamer MIC 330 is designed to deliver a natural-sounding, wireless experience for your videos, no matter what the content. Designed to capture clear vocals for online content, this microphone’s striking head design is constructed with a molded metal mesh grille and gorgeous copper-anodized finish. The microphone condenser capsules are tuned to reduce feedback, for clearer audio.

The microphone’s tailored frequency response blends pickup patterns to provide clear, rich voice quality and controlled audio. The release of AVerMedia’s massive XLR microphone brings ease and professionalism to their already great ecosystem. Create a clearer sound with advanced audio processing. Adjust sound settings fast and intuitively without disrupting the live conversation. The AVerMedia Live Mixer is your one-stop solution to making your content come alive through great sound.

No need to hold back with the Live Streamer NEXUS. Use it for singing, gaming, and grooming. It has 2 built-in microphones with individual level controls so you can switch between them without losing sound quality. There’s also a headphone jack in case you need a break from being front-and-center.

The Live Streamer MIC 330 is also great for live streaming. It features studio-quality recording with high sensitivity and high gain for crystal clear audio. The Live Streamer NEXUS is now available for under $400 and the Live Streamer MIC 330 for under $100 at AVerMedia e-store.

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